Advanced machine tool fixture

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Advanced machine tool fixture

in the machine tool industry, everyone knows that the machine tool fixture is like the hands of the machine tool, which should play a role in ensuring the clamping of the workpiece. Almost every machine tool is equipped with all kinds of fixtures, from standard chuck, hydraulic center frame, top, bench vice, tool handle, etc., to special combined fixtures on the machining center, and even giant fixtures for machining special parts. Rohm unveiled its latest products in CIMT2005

Rohm company of Germany, located in Baden wurtenberg in the south of Germany, is a professional company with a history of 96 years. It is mainly engaged in the research and production of various machine tool fixtures and manipulators, and has always been an enterprise with complete product types and high sales in the same industry in the world. German Rohm company has participated in every CIMT2005 exhibition. It can be said that seeing Rohm's exhibits, we can almost see the latest achievements of today's machine tool fixture industry

Rohm's latest machine tool fixture product

kfd-hs high speed large hole hydraulic chuck

this type of chuck has a super large through hole that exceeds the standard hydraulic chuck. With centrifugal force balance mechanism, it has particularly high limit speed and high rotation accuracy

MF film chuck

with HSK type fast replaceable claw, the repeated clamping accuracy is less than 0.005mm, which is especially suitable for finish machining, such as finish turning or grinding

kubfn axial backward tension chuck/floating chuck

with spherical lever clamping mechanism, the chuck has axial backward tension, which can better fix and clamp various shaft and disc parts, especially the rough machining of crankshaft or disc parts with taper. The maximum back pulling stroke is 0.5mm, and the back pulling force can be adjusted in five gears according to the actual needs

HTF crankshaft indexing chuck

indexing chuck for machining crankshaft connecting rod journal, suitable for CNC lathe, broaching machine and grinder

duro-nces quick change jaw chuck

you can quickly disassemble any single jaw with a wrench, or disassemble three jaws at the same time. With centrifugal force balance mechanism, it has particularly high limit speed and high rotation accuracy

the special chuck for KFD vertical lathe has a maximum outer diameter of 2000

the chuck itself is equipped with a waterproof sealing mechanism to effectively isolate external fluid and dust from entering the chuck, which can maintain the original accuracy and longer service life for a long time

HSF improved turnover chuck

automatic turnover chuck suitable for multilateral processing such as cross shaft and transmission shaft, with turnover accuracy of 0.01mm and faster turnover speed

high precision, that is, from the result to the process optimization degree, the heavy-duty movable center

carries the workpiece weight of 5 ~ 22 tons, and maintains the rotation accuracy of less than 0.01mm

slzk long arm narrow wheel type hydraulic center frame

is suitable for clamping crankshaft journal

mg type hydraulic center frame

Real 3 claws × Clamp the workpiece in 120 ° mode to ensure that the deflection caused by tool feed when cutting the long axis is eliminated

hyks hydraulic expansion mandrel

hyks hydraulic expansion mandrel

is suitable for the processing of thin-walled parts such as cylinder liner. Its characteristic is to produce uniform internal sensor on the thin-walled part of the whole length. How to choose? Due to the speed control of conventional electronic universal, the expansion clamping force produces accurate circular expansion

all kinds of special clamps hold the automobile engine block and axle

the above are the new products recently applied by Rohm, which show that it always represents the modern high-speed, precise and reliable clamping mode

of course, a considerable part of Rohm's products are all kinds of special fixtures, such as automobile axle, engine block, etc., which have been applied in the mass production of BMW, Mercedes Benz and many other automobile factories

to the delight of the majority of Chinese users, with the increase of production, Rohm's standard products, such as hydraulic chuck, hydraulic center frame and top, have been much lower than last year's price, which has been accepted by more domestic users. This is also a positive measure to expand the number of high-end machine tools in China

in fact, many domestic machine tool factories also pay more and more attention to learning new technologies at such international exhibitions, understanding the new trend of machine tool development, and coming back to develop their own new products. At the exhibition, the chief engineers and heads of production departments of many well-known domestic manufacturers such as Shenyang Machine Tool Group, Ningxia Great Wall Machine Tool Factory, Dalian machine tool group and Jinan No. 1 machine tool factory all came to the R 匟 m booth. They all expressed great interest in further cooperation with R 匟 m in the future. I believe that with the upgrading of their products, all kinds of precision fixtures of Rohm will be more applied. (end)


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