Advanced bearings and new energy industry are inte

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Advanced bearings and new energy industries are interdependent

in recent years, the development of new energy such as wind power, coping with climate change and ensuring energy security has become an important part of energy strategies all over the world and has attracted extensive attention

China is in the stage of rapid development of industrialization and urbanization. Energy demand continues to grow, and economic and social development is increasingly constrained by resources and environment. The interdependence between Jinmo chief bearing industry and energy equipment industry is reflected in two aspects. On the one hand, bearing tools, as the "mother machine" of equipment manufacturing, are the fundamental guarantee for the upgrading of energy equipment DuPont high performance materials company to launch a series of new 3D printing materials manufacturing industry based on existing polymers. On the other hand, the energy equipment industry has a strong pulling effect on the bearing industry, which can help the bearing industry recover rapidly. China's bearing tool industry should also be transformed and upgraded as soon as possible to enhance its competitiveness. Advanced bearing equipment is the fundamental guarantee for the upgrading of new energy equipment manufacturing industry

actively developing and utilizing new energy is of great significance for increasing China's energy supply, adjusting energy structure and promoting energy conservation and emission reduction. At the same time, new energy is a rapidly growing strategic emerging industry, which is of great significance to stimulate the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, promote the upgrading of industrial structure and enhance international competitiveness

in this case, the pulling effect of energy equipment on the bearing industry is more obvious. Devices in the energy field need a large number of heavy, precision, efficient and special bearings for processing and manufacturing. Taking the wind power industry as an example, the processing of the main components of wind turbines requires a large number of precision and efficient CNC bearings and high-end manufacturing tools. The progress of wind power equipment processing technology largely depends on the progressiveness of bearings and manufacturing tools, and the establishment of tire development database provides a shortcut and accuracy for the formulation of wheel and tire alignment scheme. In addition, the working conditions and environment of most wind power equipment are relatively poor, which also puts forward higher requirements for the processing of relevant equipment

the gearbox is mainly composed of box, planetary gear train and transmission mechanism. The gearbox is a large box with complex structure, and the processing of various parts needs different bearing tools. Most of the gearbox of megawatt wind power equipment is of split structure. During processing, CNC Floor milling and boring machine is required. (2) measure the sample size with vernier caliper, large horizontal machining center and gantry machining center, with high processing accuracy

large size and large modulus gears and gear rings need to be processed by NC forming milling machine and NC forming grinding machine. Among them, the CNC forming gear milling machine requires large cutting depth, large feed and high rolling speed. The CNC forming gear grinding machine requires accuracy of more than level 5, and requires high degree of automation and stability such as automatic centering, automatic measurement and automatic modification. In the case of gearbox processing of wind power equipment, CNC Floor milling and boring machine, large horizontal machining center, gantry machining center, CNC forming gear milling machine and CNC forming gear grinding machine are all high-end equipment with relatively high technical content in the current bearing industry. Therefore, it can be seen that the processing process of wind power equipment has very high requirements


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