28 phenomenon reappears in the Jianghu

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28 phenomenon reappears in the Jianghu

Introduction: Delong system finally collapsed. On the whole, the market has withstood this late earthquake beyond expectation, and a number of Zhuang stocks with serious original sins were buried. From now on, the stock market will officially bid farewell to the old Zhuang era, but not the non Zhuang era. Xinzhuang era will be dominated by the fund. On the market

"Delong system" finally collapsed. On the whole, the market has withstood this late "earthquake" beyond expectation, and a number of Zhuang stocks with serious original sins were buried. From now on, the stock market will officially bid farewell to the "old village" era, but not the "no village era". "Xinzhuang era" will be dominated by the fund. As far as the market is concerned, the impact of Delong stocks on the short and medium-term market is not over

continue the shock adjustment above the thousand six points

in the last period, the author accurately put forward the view that the bull market also needs to rest. Sure enough, the stock index fell for seven trading days, which has become a rare spectacle of the stock market in the past two years. This continuous decline fully shows that the market has confirmed that the 1780 point of the Shanghai index is a phased top. However, due to the strong release of short-term energy in the near future, short-term indicators are fully oversold and last for two days. It is quite normal to rebound on Friday. However, from the negative effects of the capital chain rupture of the "Delong system", it is far from digestible in a few days. Whether it is the collapse of Yian technology or Zhongke entrepreneurship, the market has paid the adjustment price above the intermediate level. The government's "attitude of restraining the deposit rate" has been firmly implemented since April 25 this year. Therefore, in the short term, before April 25, the market capital is still tight, and the rebound next week may be mainly concentrated in the first half of the week, with heavy pressure near Shanghai 1730. The adjustment of the medium-term stock index still adheres to the view of "adjusting for four weeks" in "bull market also needs a rest" last week

When considering a problem, we should consider it in a big environment. We still can't deny that China's stock market is in a big bull market environment, and this adjustment is only a technical relay adjustment in the bull market. It is an adjustment in response to the 40% rise of the Shanghai index. The target of the adjustment may be around 1600 points, In other words, the index may still have about 10% callback space. After such a relatively long period of adjustment, the two cities will still pick up the upward trend and are still expected to reach a new high. Therefore, investors may wish to think from another angle and consider the problem of accounting for 50% of the world from the perspective of institutional capital operation. Since this is a bull market, can mainstream institutions consider that in such an environment, the operation is not the same as that of ordinary retail investors. Institutions can fully adopt the strategic approach of making efforts in the bear market and paying for the bull market. Because it is a bull market, because it knows that it will still rise after future market adjustment, the main institutions can adopt the operation method of no adjustment or less adjustment for some stocks with good performance. As mentioned earlier, the "Xinzhuang era" is dominated by funds, and the outstanding stocks invested by many funds in a certain sector still have the shadow of "banker". This technique was common in 2003. It is the 28 February phenomenon that makes investors love and hate. With this method, we can ensure the utilization rate of funds to a large extent and effectively increase the rate of return of funds. Why not do it for the main institutions

from the perspective of capital, according to the latest statistics, the initial scale of new development funds is expected to reach 100 billion in the first quarter. The author has previously analyzed that such a fund has complete investment hunger and thirst, so it can't do without investment. So where does this 100 billion fund go? When the market is crazy, concept stocks can be all the rage, but in an adjusted market, concept stocks will not work. This is the view that the author has emphasized many times that "value is eternal and concept is temporary". Therefore, these funds can only return to the stocks with good performance to find opportunities again. These stocks will be sought after by funds again. When the general trend is adjusted, they will not be adjusted or even go up against the trend. Therefore, the February 8th phenomenon will return to the Jianghu. However, which sectors or stocks will be sought after

two new golden flowers

we look for answers from the recently active plates. Obviously, among the five golden flowers in 2003, due to the continuous improvement of performance in the petrochemical and electric power sectors, there is still no obvious sign of inflection point, the performance is still brave, and other golden flowers wither one after another. After the sharp rise of these golden flowers, rational investors have no desire to pursue the rise at a high level. You can also pay attention to a new hot spot recently, that is, the performance of the power equipment manufacturing sector is very strong. This fully shows that the mainstream funds are not looking for opportunities from the previous "core assets", but open a new path

in fact, this is a very logical investment thinking. Since there is a shortage of electricity, it is natural to strengthen power generation. 3. Electric power has the ability of photoelectric positioning device. To enhance power generation capacity, it is natural to buy a large number of power generation equipment. With the same logic, investors can find a new sector, namely the construction machinery sector. This has been pointed out in "where are the golden flowers": the rapid growth of fixed asset investment will inevitably drive the vigorous development of construction machinery manufacturing. Take Guilin Liugong, who recently released the quarterly report of the first quarter, as an example to analyze the measurement results of the impact. Guilin Liugong a000528 achieved a profit per share of 0.3315 yuan in 2004, a year-on-year increase of 102.98%, a main business income of 1098224800 yuan, an increase of 93.03% over the same period of last year, and a net profit of 108.5702 million yuan, an increase of 102.98% over the same period of last year. Based on the simple addition and multiplication in the first quarter, the performance of Guilin Liugong in 2004 is expected to exceed 1.2 yuan, the current price is only 12 yuan, and the P/E ratio is less than 11 times. At present, only steel stocks have a P/E ratio of about 10 times, and most other industries have a P/E ratio of about 20 times. Even if the P/E of Guilin Liugong is only 15 times, the share price should be positioned at 18 yuan, which obviously has a lot of imagination. Two highlights can be found from this stock: first, the rapid growth momentum of the whole construction machinery industry remains unchanged. Even if the growth rate drops in the future, it is still very considerable. 2、 The dynamic P/E ratio of individual stocks in the whole construction machinery sector is very low, which has a lot of investment space

therefore, we can cheer for the re advent of the February 8th phenomenon, because we have found 20% of the effective gains in the adjusted market

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