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The transformation of old houses is a headache for many people. The 99 ㎡ old houses have been transformed into beautiful storage (Part 1) describes the designer's unique design concept in the living room and bedroom, and its space design is worthy of reference and study. Today, the editor will continue to explain the design of bathroom and cloakroom

99 flat modern simple small apartment design

basic information type small apartment design style modern simple area 99 square meters spatial pattern small living room, sleeping area, desk, camera display room, dressing room, bathing area, shower room in this case, the space is divided into living room, sleeping, dressing room, bathing area, shower room, and the designer specially plans the camera display room to meet the needs of the owner who likes photography. In terms of design, it subverts the traditional concept. It not only uses iron and glass to build a neat and concise style, but also integrates bathtub, dressing room and bathroom, so that you can enjoy everything outdoors no matter where you are

design highlight 1: increase the dressing area

editor's comments: the dressing area is designed with a large capacity wardrobe, making full use of the deformed space between columns, increasing storage space, and matching soft lights, which is like being in an international boutique counter

design highlight 2: washstand in dressing area

editor's comment: the column connects the island washstand, and is equipped with telescopic mirrors to meet the living needs of the homeowner. Idle items can also be placed at the bottom of the island

design highlight 3: folding door

editor's comment: the folding door made of glass is used as the partition between bathroom and living room, which does not occupy volume

design highlight 4: Chic wash basin

editor's comments: subvert the traditional "island design", break through ordinary people's imagination of the wash basin, and the island divides the whole space into two

design highlight 5: shower room column

editor's comments: take the column as the center, and the left and right are the changing and shower functions. The circular design with channels makes the space lines smoother

design highlights 6: bathing area

editor's comments: from changing clothes, washing to bathing, open design is adopted to make the space more transparent




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