On September 23, Kelaifu wardrobe signed a cash co

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Kelaifu phase III factory was exposed in advance.

on September 23, 2012, Kelaifu wardrobe moved its door to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival and the national day. In order to repay the strong support and love of consumers for Kelaifu, the 14 year Thanksgiving ceremony of Kelaifu wardrobe was staged in advance. The large-scale promotion activity of "signing China" Anhui station of Kelaifu was grandly opened in Hefei Gujing gymnasium. The factory directly provided, the president guaranteed the price, and the benefits to the end. The truth was given back to the 68million people of Jianghuai. At 10:30 a.m., consumers from all over the province took the Kelaifu bus to the scene one after another to participate in the event, and the order collection amount reached more than 16 million on the same day

in 2012, the price of raw materials rose, and the rents of factories and stores remained high. At the same time, the regulation of the real estate market triggered another storm. Many wardrobe manufacturers were struggling, and cross-border food grabbing and other survival patterns appeared one by one. Some franchise stores had no passenger flow and no orders! But in this year, Kelaifu wardrobe achieved flying against the trend and overtaking on the curve! In September this year, 127 enterprises have completed the investment promotion target of 2012. The investment promotion situation is developing at a geometric progression speed, and the gorgeous transformation from regional strong brands to national well-known brands has been rapidly realized. Orders are overwhelmed

on the morning of August 16, 2012, Kelaifu wardrobe group spent a lot of money to add a new set of German Haomai equipment. So far, Kelaifu has three full sets of German Haomai production equipment lines, which indicates that Kelaifu company provides agents and customers with more stable and reliable products.! Now the company has begun to prepare for the third phase of the plant, ready to break ground at the end of 2012! Phase III factory renderings, preemptive experience




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