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Practical decoration strategy 4 tips to create a comfortable and pleasant small bedroom below 20 square meters. The mini bedroom with 10-20 square meters can be decorated comfortably and pleasantly in a small space. Now I'll teach you four tips to create a comfortable bedroom space

secret 1. Get through the barrier and make an "open" bedroom

if the bedroom is too small and the actual conditions allow (without affecting the load-bearing wall), simply get through the living room bedroom

this not only eliminates the narrow sense of the bedroom, but also doubles the size of the living room visually. Of course, the translucent curtain, which is similar to the color of bedding and has a strong sense of falling, helps to create an atmosphere of romantic petty bourgeoisie

secret 2. Put the bed in the right position, either against the window or against the wall

if you still like to have a separate bedroom, you should pay attention to the layout of the bed. One option is to lean outward against the window and a wall. The window can be made into a movable push-pull type, or a shutter can be selected

pay attention to prepare a curtain with good shading performance, or wait for the sun to dry your ass





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