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Mediterranean furniture style is a popular home decoration style in Chinese cities. Its pure blue and white combination can't help but make people daydream that the azure sky and the sea, the sea and the sky are one color, and the natural beauty makes people calm down, calm down, and enjoy what they want

the Aegean family of de Ville wardrobe mall belongs to the Mediterranean style, and its overall colors are bright, warm and idyllic. Now let's take a look at the mystery of these design details

Aegean Sea series - living room

the living room adopts blue and white cloth sofa with brass retro chandeliers, full of medieval sailor sailing style, which is both comfortable and in line with the style. Tianjiao blue cabinet with semi warm yellow oak cabinet symbolizes the beach and blue sky. The wavy eyebrow design makes people unconsciously fall into fantasy

in terms of illumination, bright and warm, natural lighting is another feature of Mediterranean style. Deville Aegean Sea series also continues this fine tradition. The sun shines on the light colored furniture through the large French windows, which makes you feel refreshed and relaxed when you stay on the sofa at the weekend

the free and unrestrained Aegean Sea series design will never empty any space. The sofa background wall has also become a small space for designers that day. On the three-dimensional modeling board, hang the beautiful picture frame decoration, or place books and green plants, so that the living room is full of vitality

Aegean series - Restaurant

the snow-white dining tables and chairs with blue and white striped cushions are fresh and natural. In order to have a comfortable and quiet dining environment, an open door frame porch cabinet is designed in the middle of the guest restaurant, which can be used as a partition and a display cabinet, killing two birds with one stone

the wine cabinet beside the restaurant is also exquisite, abandoning the traditional retro European style wine cabinet shape. The Aegean series wine cabinet adopts two colors of Tianjiao blue and semi warm yellow oak, and the horseshoe shaped arched cabinet door, soft blister stripes, and rhombic wine lattice design are cute and romantic

Aegean Sea series is widely loved by young people with its pure and bright color combination. It is like being overseas, with endless blue, and the horizon meets the Shanghai sky. Sitting on the beach, you can enjoy the touch of the sea breeze and the sun. Isn't it a great thing in life. To learn more about the customized style of the overall wardrobe, please go to dewell wardrobe mall www.dwejia Com customization hotline: 400-8822-118





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