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People are also very concerned about the "food" of "clothing, food, housing and transportation", and have a strong awareness of whether the "food" is safe and healthy, but they often ignore the pollution of indoor decoration, especially the formaldehyde pollution in the bedroom wardrobe where we spend 1/3 of our life

benzene exceeding the standard is a word that everyone is afraid of. Like formaldehyde, the harm it brings to people cannot be ignored

recently, the benzene content in tap water in Lanzhou exceeded the standard, causing great panic. This matter has attracted great attention from the state and relevant departments. People also pay great attention to the "food" of "clothing, food, housing and transportation", and have a strong awareness of whether the "food" is safe and healthy, but they often ignore the pollution of indoor decoration, especially the formaldehyde pollution in the bedroom wardrobe where we spend 1/3 of our life. It is considered to be the number one killer of indoor pollution. Novier home, which has won the "ten ring certification" with the most authoritative environmental protection and the highest technical gold content in China, has zero formaldehyde in its wardrobe, which can protect consumers from its harm at home

formaldehyde, the number one killer of indoor pollution

through a large number of media publicity, people now have a comprehensive understanding of the harm of tap water pollution, but they ignore the furniture pollution in the home space. The time we spend at home accounts for 66% of the total life expectancy on average. The formaldehyde released by furniture, especially the wardrobe in a relatively closed bedroom, produces more harmful substances than drinking polluted tap water

according to the investigation, the formaldehyde release period of inferior wardrobe is as high as 3-15 years. Long term exposure to low-dose formaldehyde can cause chronic respiratory diseases, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, colon cancer, brain tumor, menstrual disorder, gene mutation of nucleus, DNA single strand interconnection and DNA protein interconnection, inhibition of DNA damage repair, pregnancy syndrome, neonatal chromosomal abnormalities, leukemia, and memory and intelligence decline of adolescents. Every year, 2.8 million people all over the world die directly or indirectly from decoration pollution. In China, the number of deaths caused by indoor air pollution is as high as 111000. 68% of fetal malformations are caused by serious indoor formaldehyde exceeding the standard. 90% of children with leukemia are related to formaldehyde, and the harm of formaldehyde cannot be avoided. Among all contacts, children and pregnant women are particularly sensitive to formaldehyde, which is more harmful. Therefore, when shopping for wardrobes, consumers must pay attention to quality, and it is best to find a strong brand. At the same time, they should recognize the China environmental logo, which is the only recognized, the highest gold content and the most authoritative environmental protection certification by the country

Novell family teaches you to buy safe and healthy wardrobes

when buying safe and healthy wardrobes, consumers can check from five aspects: smelling the taste, looking at the plate, asking the price, looking at the after-sales service and signing the contract, so that they can buy them at ease and use them healthily

smell: close to the wardrobe or open the wardrobe to smell. If it makes people cry and sneeze, it indicates that the formaldehyde emission is high and should not be purchased

look at the board: as the main material of the wardrobe, whether the board is environmentally friendly is very important. The main materials of novier's overall wardrobe are all high-quality environmental protection MDF, even including accessories such as shutters, and all high-quality environmental protection plates, which are different from PVC or wood plastic and other materials commonly used in the market. The environmental protection level reaches European standards. In addition, the introduction of foreign advanced automatic edge banding technology, unique 1.5mm thick edge banding strip and green environmental protection hot melt adhesive, green sealing edge treatment for plates, formaldehyde emissions close to zero, healthy, energy-saving, recyclable, and comprehensive environmental protection. In addition, consumers can also ask the dealers for quality inspection reports to see whether the formaldehyde emission meets the standard

ask the price: most of the wardrobes with excessive formaldehyde use cheap artificial boards, and the price is "ultra-low". If so, it is best not to buy

look at after-sales service: novier's green ecological wardrobe is well-known. Every customer who buys genuine novier's wardrobe comes with "novier's wardrobe after-sales service manual" and "product certificate". If there are quality problems, they can be dealt with in a timely and effective manner

sign a contract: when consumers buy wardrobes, it is best to sign a "sales contract" and write environmental protection terms into the contract

novitia launched an all-round green and ecological wardrobe strategy

novitia, which was founded in 2000 and has won the "top ten brands of overall wardrobe" in China for six years, has long listed safe and healthy wardrobe as the primary development strategic position of the enterprise. Novitia believes that healthy wardrobe not only depends on whether formaldehyde exceeds the standard, but also on whether it is an all-round concept. There are many factors that affect environmental protection. As an excellent member of the "green decoration alliance", novier home has won honors such as "China environmental logo, the most trusted green closet brand by consumers, the preferred brand of green environmental protection, and the most trusted green closet by consumers". As a responsible wardrobe brand, it respects life, conforms to nature, protects health, and puts green ecological wardrobe in the primary position of enterprise development strategy, Integrate the "ecological civilization construction" proposed by the 18th CPC National Congress into the corporate culture, so that novier brand can truly achieve sustainable development and make sustainable use of resources and environment





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