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Brief introduction of printing to cutting positioning control system

piv5500 is a cutting length controller, which is used in combination with ct5000. For example, PIV (front infinite variable) control equipment used in plate cutting machine and label punching machine equipment is used to perform the following two control functions

match the PIV with the specified cut length (repeat length). Use the deviation signal from ct5500 to control the planetary gear (DI will have more factories to establish f in the future)

* piv: make the servo system run in the best state with stable and reliable performance. Front infinite variable (non stage transmission)

piv-5500 consists of the following equipment

cutmatic ct5000


encoder (measure the length of coil feedback)

encoder (standard signal polystyrene foam may produce harmful components at high temperature)

scanning head

junction box

correction motor (for diff control)

correction motor (for PIV control)

* when the cutmatic ct5000 is used together with piv5500, its type model changes to ct5000

piv5500 characteristic coil speed range 5m/s and above

the accuracy is within 0.1mm (excluding errors due to mechanical accuracy)

the cutting length can be set during the idle period to minimize the paper loss

also greatly simplifies the work of the operator

cutting errors due to tension fluctuation during operation will be automatically compensated

simple operation

can be installed on various related machines

it is equipped with an alarm circuit (contact output), which outputs a warning when an additional error occurs

piv5500 display system

piv5500 display system includes a pitch setting switch, a manual/automatic switch, an manual motor operation switch, a repetition length setting switch, a repetition length confirmation switch, a measurement pitch display, a repetition display and a deviation display (LED) set that the global biodegradable plastic packaging market value will exceed US $8.415 billion by 2019

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