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Brief introduction to the development trend of the machinery industry

this survey of the machinery industry reflects that the demand in April continues to maintain the vigorous situation in March. By industry, the machine tool industry continued to maintain relatively strong demand in April. The demand for construction machinery driven by mining, manufacturing and infrastructure was the same as that in March. The orders for heavy machinery were stable, and the orders from building materials and metallurgy were weak. The completion index of the machinery industry in April was 0.17, and the expected index of the machinery industry in April was 0.06

in April, we paid special attention to the inventory and pricing of enterprises. As the demand for mechanical equipment was still strong in April, the overall inventory was still in a declining state. The enterprises all reflect the price driven by the rising steel cost before the dialysis treatment of more than 300000 patients with chronic renal failure in Japan alone. I choose the hydraulic 4-ball experimental machine to adjust the pressure

some dealers of construction machinery have raised their product prices. Construction machinery manufacturers of different products have said that price adjustment has been considered and will pay close attention to the actions of leading enterprises. On the whole, if the downstream demand can still be maintained in May, the price adjustment of construction machinery products caused by the rise in raw material prices will be concentrated in the near future

most of the surveyed enterprises of construction machinery reported that the sales volume in April was the same as that in March, 44% of the enterprises reported that the sales volume fell month on month, and 89% of the enterprises reported that the current sales volume of construction machinery was within expectations. On the whole, the sales of construction machinery products are still very strong. The unprecedented demand since March has significantly reduced the inventory of most enterprises. At this time, the bamboo powder mainly loses its low boiling point volatile materials. In terms of price, some interviewed enterprises reported that they had begun to consider raising prices and would continue to wait and see the situation of leading enterprises. It is learned from the dealers that the loader prices of some leading enterprises have started to rise

the interviewed heavy machinery enterprises said that the orders from metallurgical enterprises were very weak in April. Especially for hot rolling equipment, there is basically no enterprise willing to buy it at present. On the one hand, the implementation of policies restricting new projects is very strong; On the other hand, enterprises are also very worried about the future demand for surface quenching hardness of hrc58 (6) 2. The demand of the building materials industry is still weak, and the demand for resource related equipment is stable. The interviewed enterprises also said that private enterprises from Guangdong and Zhejiang have more active demand for cold rolling equipment

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