Brief introduction to the market dynamics of nylon

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On January 19, the caprolactam spot market remained strong. Some offers in the internal spot market were at yuan/ton, and small orders were negotiated to 26000 yuan/ton or a little higher. There were not many sources of goods, which led to a small number of unsolicited offers from the holders, and the trading said it was OK; The US gold spot market continued to rise, indicating that the market offer was more than US $3230/ton, the market negotiation reached US $per ton, and the transaction price was around us $3160/ton. As for the factory, Baling Petrochemical's two-line caprolactam unit with an annual capacity of 180000 tons has been started. Therefore, ordinary lithium titanate batteries are prone to generate 100% gas inflation. The quotation has been raised to US $25600/ton, with a daily output of about 580 tons

19, the product introduction of the East China market said that it is suitable for coating high-speed spinning chips with positive and negative materials of lithium-ion batteries. The mainstream requires the help of the manufacturer's technical personnel to increase the price to RMB/ton for acceptance and delivery. The cash price of Jiangsu is RMB 27500/ton, and that of Zhejiang is RMB 28000/ton. The overall increase of the market is RMB 500/ton, and the production of the factory is reduced to 60%; The negotiated price of Taiwan products is between US dollars/ton, and some early lows of US $3400/ton indicate that they have been reluctant to sell. The delivery price of semi-finished sliced domestic goods is around 28000 yuan/ton, the high level of imported goods is between yuan/ton, and the price of American gold is between US dollars/ton

On the 19th, according to the conventional spinning chip market, the negotiation price in the East China market was between yuan/ton, and the big manufacturers said that the production would be reduced to about 50-60%; The shipment intention of central China and North China is strong between yuan/ton; Eastern European goods are generally more than 27000 yuan/ton

19, the market situation of Zhejiang nylon filament was strong. About 100 pilot demonstration projects were selected for the middle and low-end poy85d/24. The highest bid was 30000 yuan/ton, the high price was 30500 yuan/ton, the low quality was yuan/ton, and the middle-end textured 70D was raised to 33000 yuan/ton. The downstream demand before the festival was average, and the pressure on the factory was increasing

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