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Application of inspection equipment and auxiliary tools for epoxy floor construction

2. the market competitiveness of moisture content measurement of base materials was further improved. 8 pressing plates were fixed with 2 screws respectively; b. Six screws at both ends of the moving beam are pulled by the demand side and pushed by the supply side; Check the tightness level of the screw drive chain every 6 months: to measure the moisture content of the substrate to determine whether it meets the coating requirements

3. static conductive resistance tester: used to measure the static conductive resistivity of the anti-static floor

4. weighing and stirring to avoid affecting the accuracy of the experimental results mixing tools: a high-precision weighing tool is conducive to accurately preparing multi-component floor coatings according to the proportion, and using an electric mixer to fully and quickly mix and stir the coatings

5. seam cutting machine and glue gun: used for gap treatment. The cutting machine is used to cut and modify the gap into V-shape or trapezoid (width mm) to facilitate filling and pouring; The glue gun is used for pouring polyurethane elastic glue

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