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Application of Vacon frequency converter on the flat car transporting steel in Tianjin steel pipe plant

1 Transformation description:

the steelmaking branch of Tianjin steel pipe company has a 150 ton electric furnace, the largest in China, to refine the colored masterbatch steel equipment they produce; The molten steel smelted in the electric furnace is poured into the ladle under the furnace, and the ladle is transported from the furnace to continuous casting by the flat car

the frequency converter of the original steel flat car is the frequency converter of Ansaldo, Italy, which was installed in 1992. In recent years, the frequency converter has a high accident rate and it is difficult to purchase spare parts, resulting in high maintenance costs. Therefore, the Vacon frequency converter is used to replace the old frequency converter and add the original input/output (i/o) control to the current frequency converter control And using the internal logic control function of Vacon frequency converter to replace the original control circuit, reducing the external control circuit

2. Application: 210 ton steel transfer car in the steelmaking branch of Tianjin steel pipe company In this application, because there is often accumulated steel slag on the track under the furnace, the starting torque of the frequency converter is required to be large, and the overload capacity is strong, so it can roll over these accumulated steel slag

vacon frequency converter can provide sufficient output torque and strong overload capacity, so they choose so that we can choose the appropriate frequency converter for your product according to your actual situation

3. Inverter selection

inverter model: Vacon 55cx4g0n (1) (the frequency converter originally did not include brake chopper, and then added brake chopper)

series number:

Power: 55kW

input voltage: 3-phase 380V, 50Hz

current: ict=110a, ictmax=165a

external brake resistance (domestic): ex.6, 5.6kw, 1.6 Ω, 2 groups in series (this resistor is a domestic accessory provided by the original supplier)

4. Motor parameters: yla180l-4, 380V, 1470rpm, 50Hz, 42.5a, and break them into small pieces of 22KW. The two motors operate in parallel

5. Debugging instructions:

according to the requirements of the original input/output signal and the terminal wiring of the Vacon frequency converter, the programmability of the i/o of the Vacon frequency converter is fully utilized; Choose the multi-objective application macro of five in one application for our products. During the debugging process, it was found that the output speed was not enough. After inspection, it was found that the +10v voltage output by the frequency converter returned to the maximum voltage of the frequency converter after passing through the handle potentiometer was less than +10v, so set the range of parameters p2.6, p2.7, p2.8uin signals to the range set by the user; This problem can be solved In order to solve the problem of requiring large starting torque, parameter settings such as the intermediate point voltage and frequency of u/f and the output voltage at zero frequency are set

at present, the frequency converter operates normally and meets various requirements of users

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