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With the rapid development of science and technology, the competition among enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce, and the changes in the market are accelerating. The new product development of enterprises also has some new features:

(1) the product life cycle is significantly shortened. Taking automobile as an example, the life cycle of new products has decreased from 5-8 years in the 1990s to 3-5 years at present

(2) product varieties have increased sharply. In order to meet the needs of users, enterprises vigorously develop customized products. Even mass-produced products can realize the sales mode of ordering according to the diversified functional requirements and preferences of customers

(3) the product development cycle is greatly compressed. Taking automobile as an example, the design and development cycle of product modification has been reduced from the past 4-5 years to about 2 years at present

therefore, for large enterprises, the timely development of high-quality, high-performance and low-cost products that meet market demand has become the key for enterprises to maintain competitiveness, and the establishment of an efficient and low-cost rapid response development system for new products is the guarantee to achieve this goal. Obviously, the traditional product design method has been difficult to meet the needs. Facing this severe challenge, it is required to continuously develop and apply advanced manufacturing technology to adapt to this change. It is in this increasingly harsh environment that virtual product development technology is developing rapidly. It has brought a new development space for enterprises

II. Classification of virtual product development technology

virtual product development technology is not to directly establish an intelligent thinking model, but to combine dynamic simulation technology with the virtual environment, so that developers can perceive and judge the operation of products in the virtual environment through vision and thinking. The two can interact with each other, so it can integrate human and computer perfectly, and give full play to human wisdom and application, It is not just a passive partner of computers, which has led to new breakthroughs in product development technology

according to the functions and different models handled, virtual product development technology can be divided into three categories: product virtual design technology, product virtual manufacturing technology and virtual manufacturing system

1. The object of virtual design technology for different object-oriented

products is the structure and performance of products. Starting from product design, analysis, simulation and evaluation, it optimizes the product performance and cost required by customers. Its object is the product itself

the virtual manufacturing technology of products is the simulation, inspection and optimization of the manufacturing process of products, and the inspection of the manufacturability of products, the rationality of processing methods and processes, so as to ensure the manufacturing quality of products, with the goal of shortening the manufacturing cycle and achieving the lowest manufacturing cost. Its object is the manufacture of products

virtual manufacturing system focuses on the modeling, simulation and optimization of production process planning, organization management, resource scheduling, logistics, information flow, etc. Its object is the whole factory and enterprise

2. The application stages are different in the process of enterprise product development

for enterprises, the new product development process has two key stages: product design and development, process design and development. The former focuses on the function of the product, the feasibility of the design, whether it can meet the requirements of customers, etc., while the latter focuses on the feasibility, controllability and economy of product production. Virtual design of products belongs to the category of product design and development, virtual manufacturing system belongs to the category of process design and development, and virtual manufacturing of products combines the two organically: both the feasibility output of products and the input of process design

3. Different software platforms required

based on current software development and computer capabilities, these three types of virtual technologies have different requirements for software platforms: virtual design requires computers to provide convenient and diverse modeling capabilities, stable and high-precision graphic display capabilities, and corresponding measurement and analysis capabilities. The objects that virtual manufacturing needs to deal with are not only virtual prototypes, but also virtual models such as equipment, environment and operators. The capacity and type of data are much more complex than the former. At this time, computers need to pay more attention to graphic display and data processing speed. Virtual manufacturing system focuses on the performance analysis of the whole manufacturing system, and the data scale to be processed is larger. In addition, the software is also required to provide various process reports and charts required by the management. Of course, it cannot be ruled out that one day, with the improvement of computer ability and software level, a software platform integrating all virtual product development technologies will appear

although virtual product development technology is divided into three types, they are all activities around products, and they are an interconnected organic whole. The approximate relationship of the virtual model is shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 Relationship diagram of virtual manufacturing model

III. application of virtual product development technology

from the above introduction, we can see that virtual technology can be basically divided into three categories, and the output content of each type of virtual product development technology is of course different

1. At present, 3D product design software has been widely used in factories, while traditional 2D design software is gradually exiting. In a nutshell, the leader of modern production: Ma Kai, vice premier of the State Council, product design and development is to establish a virtual prototype. Compared with 2D design, 3D design can not only allow designers to directly evaluate products, but also make the design itself more convenient and fast. If necessary, you can also select material rendering for appearance evaluation

in addition, these modeling software basically have functions such as motion analysis, product interference analysis, and some even have finite element analysis tools

modern design software also integrates the auxiliary functions of processing and manufacturing, with the direct transition from product design to tooling and mold design, and finally to the manufacturing data output of CNC processing equipment, thus forming a product design chain composed of products and processing data. The main outputs of this stage are as follows:

(1) virtual product prototype, including tooling, mold design, etc

(2) product design drawings containing complete information

(3) product appearance and performance evaluation

(4) processing procedure

(5) preliminary process flow

2. Virtual manufacturing technology

based on the data of virtual prototype, the corresponding virtual workstation models of processing equipment, tooling, molds, operators and so on are introduced, and the pre manufacturing simulation can be carried out on the computer. Figure 2 shows the virtual welding manufacturing of automobile engine chassis bracket. Through simulation, we can check whether the position of the welding robot is appropriate, whether all the welding requirements can be completed, the safe space and time required in the manufacturing process, the action requirements of operators and other elements

Figure 2 virtual manufacturing of automobile engine chassis bracket welding

compared with physical verification development, it is obvious that using virtual manufacturing technology can shorten the development cycle, greatly reduce the investment of human and material resources, and save the development cost. An enterprise with complete virtual manufacturing technology is equivalent to having a sample trial production workshop. In the process of manufacturing feasibility analysis of virtual prototype, the following information can be obtained:

(1) overall cooperation analysis report of virtual prototype

(2) manufacturing feasibility analysis report

(3) reasonable process path and arrangement

(4) preliminary determination of process parameters

(5) estimated operating hours

3. Virtual manufacturing system technology

in virtual manufacturing system, we should not only pay attention to products and manufacturing production lines, but also consider all factors related to production, such as plant layout, auxiliary tools, logistics arrangement, etc. Figure 3 shows a part of the virtual welding production line of the automobile side wall. The purpose of establishing a virtual manufacturing system is to understand the overall impact of the normal production of products on the enterprise through the simulation and analysis of the normal production state of products, so as to optimize the production operations of the company. The following information can be obtained through the virtual manufacturing system:

(1) planning the station layout

(2) performance analysis of production line

(3) calculate the production line balance

(4) production beat control

(5) process documents

(6) operator allocation

(7) logistics arrangement

(8) budget of manufacturing investment

since the operation of virtual technology is based on the software platform, the final actual output content depends on the software function used

Figure 3 virtual production line for automobile side welding

IV. virtual technology and new product development

modern enterprises establish corresponding quality management systems according to their own characteristics, scale and structure to ensure that the production and operation of the enterprise are carried out in a controlled state, including the development of new products. Although many advantages and characteristics of virtual technology are introduced above, if you want to play a real role in the enterprise, you should integrate it into the quality management system of the enterprise and organically combine it with the new product development program of the enterprise

take the automobile and auto parts industry as an example: at present, the advanced quality planning (APQP) method of new products is widely used, and the whole development process is divided into five stages: Determination of plans and projects, product design and development, process technology and development, product and process confirmation, feedback evaluation and corrective measures, as shown in Figure 4

Figure 4 APQP advanced product quality planning mode

advanced product quality planning is a systematic project, which is a necessary step to ensure that enterprises meet customers' needs for product quality, delivery, cost and timeliness

combined with the discussion of virtual product development technology in this paper, it can be generally pointed out that with the proximity and continuous tightening of the effectiveness of carbon emission regulations, the stage and time of virtual technology participation in the development process can be shown in Figure 5

Figure 5 virtual technology and APQP advanced product quality planning mode

it is worth emphasizing that sample trial production is an important stage in the product development process. The main purpose of the sample is to confirm the product and process. It is a comprehensive evaluation of the product before it is put into production. It is an important stage before the enterprise develops new products and mass produces them. Virtual technology basically covers these aspects. For some simple products, virtual product technology can completely replace physical verification. However, because virtual manufacturing technology is still in the process of development, it can not completely replace samples for complex products, but it has greatly reduced the number of sample manufacturing, thus reducing the investment of development costs. For informal samples - Manual samples, at present, virtual prototype technology can meet and replace the needs of manual samples, 5 gold tools, torque testing equipment, development of orientation machine to verify the size matching and appearance shape of new products

with the passage of time, it will be inevitable for the product development process to be fully virtualized

Conclusion to sum up, virtual product development technology integrates cax/dfx technology, design process management and virtual reality technology to form an interactive environment to support the concurrent engineering method in the product design process, so as to shorten the development cycle of new products and reduce the development cost. Generally, in combination with the actual situation of the enterprise, select and purchase software suitable for the characteristics of the industry and equip it with corresponding hardware, starting with the development of virtual products, and then to the establishment of virtual manufacturing and virtual manufacturing system, so as to realize the overall improvement of enterprise technology. In the process of developing virtual development technology,

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