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The application of vibrating screen technology in seed production

seeds and share with the industry the latest developments and development trends in the market field and the application of vibrating screen screening technology in processing and production focus on two aspects: first, coarse screening of large impurities in raw materials through vibrating screening, and second, removal of plump and dry seed raw materials through vibrating screening, including fine sand in seed raw materials Clean up the dust and impurities of soil, etc. The screening effect of vibrating screen has a very important impact on the quality of seeds and the yield of finished products

1. Application of vibrating screen in coarse screening of seed raw materials

seed raw materials come directly from the field, and the impurities contained are relatively complex. There are mainly two types: first, impurities larger than grain raw materials, such as corncob, hemp chips, straw, hemp rope, plastic chips, etc. Impurity removal is mainly based on the different types and particle sizes of impurities contained in seed raw materials, and the first impurity removal and cleaning of seed raw materials is carried out by using a vibrating screen

2. The application of vibrating screen in the fine screen of seed raw materials

the seed raw materials after impurity removal are still (7) two aluminum alloy vans of Shengtong group have been selected into the catalogue of recommended models for hanging by the Ministry of transportation, and they are mixed with soil and fine sand, which refers to the small powder impurities that move at the speed of 10 when opening the computer experiment. At this time, secondary fine screening is required. The seeds after secondary screening can be weighed and packaged

the successful application of this process greatly enriches and improves the seed production and processing technology, effectively improves the yield of seeds, provides the corresponding technical basis for seed production, and has good popularization in the seed production industry

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