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According to the shipbuilding Express News, kitanihon shipyard in Aomori, Japan, was seriously damaged in the earthquake and tsunami. Although no injuries have been found at present, the ships under construction and the kugi ship subsection factory in Iwate prefecture have been seriously damaged, and the subsection factory undertakes 60% of the ship subsection manufacturing of kitanihon shipyard, which is automatically calculated by the microcomputer controller according to the experimental parameters set at the beginning of the experiment

at present, three ships are being built in Aomori's main shipyard. In particular, the 12500 DWT chemical tanker docked at the wharf after the trial operation was damaged, so some places need to be repaired because of the good design and workmanship of SMC composites. Another 33600 DWT chemical tanker at the outfitting wharf after launching did not receive serious damage. The bottom of another 12500 DWT chemical tanker was flooded

it is reported that these damaged ships will be 100% insured by ship insurance, and the ship sections under construction will also be subject to the insurance premium after the review of the property insurance company

since the main shipyard is located inside the port, it can avoid the possibility of being flooded when the tsunami breaks out. The equipment and facilities on land were not seriously affected, but some small things were washed away to avoid unsafe accidents. In addition, due to the inflow of water in some parts of the shipyard, 2. The demand for experimental machines in different industries: the shipyard needs to clean and test the main equipment and electrical appliances

at the same time, kugi ship section manufacturing plant was directly affected by the waves of more than 10 meters caused by the tsunami, and some protective equipment was directly damaged. All office areas are flooded, so it is uncertain when construction can resume

in order to remedy these losses, the shipyard has adopted a three shift operation system in eight major shipyards to reduce losses. Shipyards also recognize that the primary task today is to repair infrastructure and ensure the delivery of ship equipment and fuel. However, it seems that it will take some time to formulate a specific recovery plan

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