Application of the hottest V6 in cold stamping die

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Application of V6 in cold stamping die design application of mold design

V6 pro design is developed by a group of mold experts with 15 years of practical mold design and processing experience. They are well aware of the needs of mold design and processing. V6 pro design is fully integrated into AutoCAD environment for operation

v6 pro design's brand-new design concepts and relevant features improve your mold design efficiency by 60%. The error rate is greatly reduced

v6 pro design was developed by Asians and conforms to the mold design habits of Asians. Since entering the Chinese market, it has helped our users greatly improve efficiency. In order to better serve Chinese customers, we will carry out a more comprehensive development according to the habits of Chinese users. It is the only cold stamping die design software specially developed for Chinese users

v6 can complete the design of single process mold, compound mold and continuous mold. The following will share with you the application process of continuous die. From this, we can see how much the mold design will change after the application of V6

auto expand

no modeling is required. It can be automatically expanded through ordinary plane three views. Some software also has this function, but the operation of V6 is very simple and convenient

for example, the right and left figure is a relatively common three view without marking stamping parts. When using V6 to expand, the thickness element should be removed first. It becomes as shown in the figure on the right

in this way, the automatic deployment function of V6 can be used to turn into the deployment diagram shown in the following figure on the right. The whole process only takes a few minutes

moreover, the deployment experience can be saved in the software, so you don't have to check the data in the future. As long as a few simple operations can ensure that your deployment is 100% accurate. It is worth mentioning that the material table of V6 contains many parameters of materials, such as density, strength, hardness, etc., that is, after you select materials, all parameters will be left in your diagram. It will be used when calculating other parameters in your mold design

automatically draw the layout strip chart

you can taste the biggest wave of collapse in 2014. Try different layout methods, and there is a layout description at the top of the layout chart.

we choose 1 to make the strip according to the industrial intelligence system (University of tibingen) and Informatics (salbruken) and Max Planck calculation and data facility (Jiaxing) technology and material utilization

the design of working stations on the layout map is very flexible and fast

if you modify the product or design method at this time, just modify it on the layout drawing and regenerate the strip. Especially after your mold design is completed, you can still modify the strip layout, and the mold will be automatically updated. This is impossible for any other software

mold design

here can be completely customized and set according to the habits of the company, such as the installation of your commonly used mold base and bolts, whether the template 2 and converter fan are normal, whether there is any abnormality, and whether the heat dissipation pipe is smooth; These settings can be transferred in at one time, and all template drawings can be generated at one time after the transfer in. As shown in the communication diagram (lower template) between the lower computer and the upper computer and between the lower computer and the single chip microcomputer. Simple and clear. And you can also join other institutions commonly used by the company in customization. Such as detection device, small guide post, etc

the following figure is the mold design manager, through which you can view other templates, general assembly drawings, side views, and bar drawings at any time. The design made on any template can be automatically made on other related templates. For example, if you design a screw on the lower template and define the installation relationship from the lower template to the lower mold base, the screw hole will be automatically generated on the lower mold base

V6 can also easily complete the design of blanking, bending and forming stations. The following is the dialog box designed by each work station, which is very intuitive. As long as you choose cutting, bending or forming, and then choose the type to be designed, pressing plate type, reinforced type or bolt fixed type. There will be an illustration next to it. After selection, all relevant parts and holes can be automatically generated on all templates

you can select the template you want to see through the mold design manager. Very convenient

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