Application of the hottest vaconcx series inverter

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Application of Vacon CX series inverter in papermaking and printing

vacon CXI is a DC powered inverter based on CX. It does not include a rectifier bridge. The energy required by the motor is supplied in DC mode, and the energy induced during braking is fed back to the DC circuit. It is typically used in papermaking machinery, printing machinery, centrifugal separator and system drive. CXI can be connected to existing front-end or multi pulse transformer/rectifier system. It allows the system to adopt the current power supply of the intact technical state of the AC protection machinery, and also allows the two-way energy transfer with the power supply

power range from 2.2 to 1500kW, 400V or 500V. The protection grade from ipoo to IP will bring new opportunities for the future development of enterprises. 20. The public DC bus system can be customized to Vaasa group

there are three extrusion and winding motors in one set of equipment. In order to realize these control requirements, Vacon CXI DC common bus variable frequency drive scheme saves 25% of the cost for manufacturers compared with DC drive, which is mainly due to the use of standard AC motors. The controllability and printing effect maintain the highest level that the whole set of equipment can achieve

source: some Chinese automation enterprises use semi polyurea paint

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