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It is worth noting that the application of frequency conversion and speed regulation system

Harbin Junheng Technology Co., Ltd. located in the high-tech park of Harbin Institute of technology, Harbin Junheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional water treatment company that designs, sells and installs complete sets of water equipment. Since its establishment for more than ten years, the company has been guided by intelligent frequency conversion and speed regulation water supply equipment. With the development of the company and the progress of technology, it has successfully expanded its business to various fields of water purification and sewage discharge treatment. The company has a scientific research team with strong professional knowledge, and has carried out extensive technical cooperation with domestic scientific research institutions and colleges and universities. With reasonable configuration and price, advanced technology and excellent quality, we provide users with all-round services such as scheme design, equipment manufacturing, installation and after-sales of various water treatment and water supply projects. We always follow the principle of doing everything in a down-to-earth manner, and cooperate with you with the idea of sincerely serving users. We believe that a new water world will be presented to you! The fully automatic frequency conversion and speed regulation water supply equipment is a new electromechanical integrated water supply device that combines microcomputer technology, frequency conversion technology and motor pump unit. The device consists of a single-chip microcomputer, a programmable controller, a frequency converter, a control circuit and a motor pump set to form a closed-loop control system, which can meet the needs of constant pressure and variable pressure water supply, keep the end pressure in the water supply system pipe constant, and make the whole water supply system always maintain the optimal state of high efficiency and energy saving, and the horizontal movement of the dispensing and loading mechanism. Scope of application: 1. Various types of waterworks. 2. Domestic water: the available flow is 6.5~3000m3/h. The water supply height is 3~100 floors. 3. Industrial water: especially suitable for production water requiring constant pressure. 4. Meet the fire water of high-rise buildings, living quarters and military facilities. Functional features: 1. High degree of automation, realizing various control modes of constant pressure variables, multiple constant pressure variables or variable pressure variables. The control accuracy is 1%. 2. High efficiency and energy saving, with an energy saving rate of 20~50%. 3. The variable frequency soft start of water pump electric circulation reduces the impact on the motor, reduces the loss of equipment, and extends the service life of the motor. 4. The pipe pressure has no impact and the pressure is constant. 5. It has complete functions, reliable operation and simple operation and maintenance. 6. The equipment has manual, automatic and remote operation functions. 7. Full digital intelligent control, arbitrary modification of the set value. 8. The fault protection function is complete. 9. The intelligent control of microcomputer programming can select various additional functions according to the needs of protection, such as regular switching of motor, regular shutdown of small flow water at night, etc. Working principle: the sensor detects the pressure of the pipe and converts it into an electrical signal and sends it to the microcomputer controller. The controller compares the detected pressure signal with the set value. After analysis and processing, the controller sends the control electrical signal to the frequency converter to control the speed of the motor. When the water consumption increases, the frequency of the frequency converter increases and the water output of the pump increases; When the water consumption is reduced, the frequency of the frequency converter is reduced, and the water output of the pump is reduced, so we hope to provide some references for you, and the system pressure value is constant. Energy saving principle of variable frequency speed regulation: the rotation speed of AC motor is directly proportional to the frequency of input electricity. Therefore, the pressure sensor, PID regulator, frequency converter and pump motor are used to form a closed-loop automatic regulation system based on the set pressure. The resistance of the down riding road decreases by 27%. The figure shows the process of variable frequency speed regulation and constant pressure water supply of the water pump. The water pump should maintain a constant pressure HS water supply from the operating point D, change the base speed n1, and the kink will fall along Z1 to point A. This method of regulating flow is called variable speed regulation. Description of equipment model: 2. Overview of WBD variable frequency constant pressure water supply equipment: the variable frequency constant pressure device adopts microcomputer variable frequency speed regulation to control the constant pressure operation of the water pump. By comparing and analyzing the feedback signal of the remote pressure gauge installed at the water outlet of the pump with the predetermined value, a variable frequency is output to control the motor speed, so that the pipe pressure reaches the predetermined value, forming a closed-loop system. So as to control its pressure change. The device is equipped with system overpressure drainage device, which not only ensures the static pressure of the heating system, but also saves electric energy. Representation of equipment model: 3. XSH series variable frequency speed control fire fighting and domestic water supply equipment: (shared for fire fighting and living) main business: water treatment equipment, engineering variable frequency constant pressure water supply equipment, engineering boilers, HVAC equipment, engineering. Acting frequency converter brands: Mitsubishi of Japan, Panasonic frequency converter, Fuji frequency converter, Yaskawa frequency converter, ABB frequency converter of Switzerland, Siemens frequency converter of Germany, delta frequency converter of Taiwan and other companies, in line with low price, excellent quality, fast delivery time and all-round pre-sales consultation and after-sales service, while providing customers with high-quality automation products, Let you fully feel the convenience and shock brought by modern industry

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