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Environmental impact assessment publicity of Shanghai BASF polyurethane MDI plant expansion project

environmental impact assessment publicity of Shanghai BASF polyurethane MDI plant expansion project

March 10, 2011

[China paint information] 1 Description

Shanghai Huanqiu Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd. (evaluation organization) is entrusted by Shanghai BASF Polyurethane Co., Ltd. (construction unit) to carry out environmental impact assessment on the expansion project of MDI distillation unit of Shanghai BASF Polyurethane Co., Ltd. The first information release is now made to the public in accordance with national and municipal laws and regulations

Shanghai BASF Polyurethane Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Huanqiu Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd. are responsible for the authenticity of the information released by the current stage on the insulation section. With the implementation process of the project and the implementation of environmental impact assessment, relevant information will be improved or adjusted

2. Overview of the construction project

(1) project name: MDI rectification unit expansion project of Shanghai BASF Polyurethane Co., Ltd.

(2) project location: No. 25, Chuhua Road, Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone

(3) industry of the project: chemical industry

(4) project content: add a rectification tower t7735, so that the production capacity of the existing MDI rectification unit will be expanded from 160000 tons/year to 210000 tons/year. At the same time, a 600m2 MDI product filling station will be built on the north side of the MDI storage tank farm

3. Overview of the construction unit

(1) name of the construction unit: Shanghai BASF Polyurethane Co., Ltd.

(2) address of the construction unit: No. 25 Chuhua Road, chemical industry zone, Shanghai

(3) contact information of the construction unit

contact person: Lu Qiren

postal code: 201507

: ()

Fax: ()

4 Summary of the evaluation organization

(1) name of the evaluation organization: Shanghai Huanqiu Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd.

(2) certificate number of the evaluation organization: National Environmental Assessment Certificate B No. 1802

(3) address of the evaluation institution: No. 807, Zhaojiabang Road, Shanghai

(4) contact information of the evaluation institution:

contact person: Zhou Juan


postal code: 200032

e-mail: Zhou juan@

5. Working procedures and main work contents of environmental impact assessment

(1) relevant documents of the preparation stage

research: including national and local laws and regulations, development planning and functional zoning, technical guidelines and relevant standards Construction project basis, feasibility study data and other relevant technical data

preliminary engineering analysis: clarify the engineering composition of the construction project, and determine the pollution discharge links and main pollutants according to the process flow

investigation on the environmental status of the environmental impact area of the construction project

combined with the preliminary engineering analysis and the investigation data of the current situation that the material has more performance advantages, identify the environmental impact factors of the project, screen the main environmental impact assessment factors, clarify the evaluation focus, and determine the work level of each single environmental impact assessment

(2) further engineering analysis in the formal work stage: carry out sufficient environmental status investigation, monitoring and environmental quality status evaluation

predict the environmental impact of the construction project according to the source strength and environmental quality status materials, evaluate the environmental impact of the construction project, and carry out public investigation

propose environmental management measures and engineering measures to reduce environmental pollution and ecological impact

(3) in the preparation stage of the environmental impact report,

summarize and analyze the information and data obtained in the second stage, determine the feasibility of the project construction from the perspective of environmental protection, give evaluation conclusions and put forward environmental protection measures and suggestions to further reduce the maximum displacement of the environmental impact specimen at the loading point of only 0.1mm

complete the preparation of the environmental impact statement

6. Main matters for soliciting public opinions

in order to listen to the opinions and suggestions of all sectors of society on the environmental protection work of the project, the information of the project is publicized to solicit valuable ideas and suggestions from the public. The main solicitation contents are as follows:

(1) whether the project is approved; If you object, make the main objection

(2) the possible impact of the construction of the project on the surrounding environment

(3) reasonable suggestions on environmental protection measures of the project

(4) other ideas and suggestions on environmental protection

7. Main ways for the public to put forward opinions

the public can send email, letter, interview and other ways to the construction unit and evaluation institution as an indispensable testing equipment for physical property experiment, teaching research, quality control and other forms. The views on project construction and environmental assessment work (do not accept environmental problems unrelated to the environment)

there are two EIA announcements for this project at this site. This is the first announcement. Before submitting to the competent administrative department of environmental protection for approval or re examination, the second EIA announcement will be made at this site. At that time, an environmental impact report will be provided to make this content public. Please pay attention

8. The validity period of the information release

is within 2 weeks from the date of this information release. The public can express their opinions on the construction and environmental impact assessment of the project by sending e-mail, fax, letter or interview to the designated address

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