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Middle managers: eight abilities are indispensable

whether as an executive or a leader, middle-level managers must complete tasks through others. To be a "convincing" manager, you should consciously improve the following eight abilities:

comprehension ability: before doing anything, you must first figure out what your boss wants you to do, and then take this as the goal to grasp the direction of things. This is very important. Don't start working hard with a little knowledge. In the end, you don't work less, but the result is half the effort, or even all the previous efforts. To understand one thing clearly is better than doing ten things hastily, and you will get twice the result with half the effort

planning ability: when performing any task, you should make a plan, list all tasks according to light, heavy, slow and urgent, and assign them to your subordinates one by one. You can look at the beginning and end. Focus on the future development of the Department, and constantly clarify the plans for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next week, next month, and even next year. In the implementation and review of the plan, we should grasp the key issues in advance, and should not affect the important work due to trivial work. It should be clear that doing 20% of the important work well is equal to creating 80% of the performance

command ability: no matter how thoughtful the plan is, if it cannot be effectively implemented, it will still not produce the expected effect. In order to make the subordinates have a common direction and can implement the formulated plan, appropriate command is necessary. For the headquarters, we should first consider the work assignment, detect the corresponding relationship between the headquarters and the work, and also consider the way of command. If the tone is not good or the goal is not clear, it is a bad command. Good command can stimulate the will of subordinates and enhance their sense of mission. It should be clear that the highest art of command is that subordinates can command themselves

control ability: control is to track and assess to ensure that goals are achieved and plans are implemented. Although it is uncomfortable to talk about control, the operation of enterprises has a very realistic side. Some things that are not controlled in time will cause direct and indirect losses to enterprises. However, if the control is too urgent or insufficient, it will also have a negative effect: too strict control will make the subordinates dissatisfied with the oral heart, and poor control may make it difficult to maintain the on-site work discipline. It should be clear that the most ideal control is to let the subordinates achieve self-control through target management

coordination ability: any work should be completed smoothly if it can formulate a perfect plan, issue appropriate orders and take necessary controls according to the above requirements, but in fact, most of the time of the supervisor must be spent on coordination. Coordination includes not only the consensus coordination between internal superiors and subordinates, departments and departments, but also the benefit coordination with external customers, related units and competitors. Poor coordination of any party will affect the completion of the implementation plan. It should be clear that the best engineering plastics have automatic calculation in many industries: the coordination of automatic calculation of various experimental results is to achieve win-win results

authorization ability: anyone's ability is limited. As a senior manager, you can't experience everything personally like a salesman. Instead, you should clarify that your responsibility is to cultivate subordinates to grow together, give yourself opportunities, and create opportunities for the growth of subordinates. You can't accomplish your career alone. Subordinates are not only a mirror of themselves, but also a carrier to extend their intelligence and ability. Only by giving subordinates responsibility, power and benefit can subordinates have a sense of doing things and a sense of achievement. It is necessary to know that people in a department think things better than their own head. In this way, subordinates are motivated, and you can open your hands and feet to do important things. Why not. Remember that to achieve subordinates is to achieve yourself

judgment ability: judgment is very important for a manager. The business operation is complex, and managers often need to understand the context and causality of things, so as to find the real crux of the problem and propose solutions. This requires insight and foresight. We should be clear that only in this way can we turn the crisis into a turning point and finally into a good opportunity

innovation ability: innovation is an important measure of whether a person or an enterprise has core competitiveness to avoid conflict; For some signs of force measurement, to improve the executive ability, in addition to the above abilities, it is more important to have a strong sense of innovation in everything at all times, which requires continuous learning. This kind of learning is very different from the learning based solely on mastering knowledge in universities. It requires everyone to treat the work process itself as a systematic learning process, and constantly find and study problems from work solve the problem. The process of solving problems is also the process of advancing towards innovation. Therefore, we can seriously think about whether there are innovative ways to make the implementation stronger, faster and better. It should be clear that there is no limit to innovation. Only innovation can survive. (end)

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