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In 2014, facing the call of the Chinese dream, the electromechanical manufacturing industry should not only correctly respond to the changes in the international and domestic situation, but also comply with the trend of the times and fully meet the market demand. Opportunities and challenges coexist. What is the development trend of electromechanical manufacturing industry in 2014? Eight guesses of electromechanical manufacturing industry in 2014, looking forward to the development trend of the whole year, and encouraging the industry

stability is a blessing, and micro growth is also a positive growth.

the China Machinery Industry Federation predicts that the overall demand of the machinery industry will remain tight in 2014, and the industry development will remain stable

from the perspective of the overall economic environment, China will continue to implement an active fiscal policy and a prudent monetary policy in 2014, and continue to adjust the industrial structure by using the forced mechanism. The operation of the machinery industry will still face weak domestic and foreign demand, and the pressure on the growth of the industry is still great. However, from the perspective of policy continuity and stability, the economic operation of the machinery industry in 2014 still has the basic conditions to maintain overall stability, and the overall trend of stable operation in 2013 will continue. It is estimated that in 2014, the demand for conventional power generation equipment, metallurgical and mining equipment, heavy machinery, ordinary machine tools and other sub industries in the machinery industry will continue to be in a depressed state; The demand for high-end machine tools, robots and automatic production lines will rise; The construction machinery market will gradually return to normal from ups and downs; The growth rate of automobile and agricultural machinery production and sales will gradually drop, but the market of large-scale high-end agricultural machinery products will still be booming

haze is forcing, and the environmental protection of the electromechanical industry has accelerated.

since the State Council issued the action plan for the prevention and control of air pollution last September, all regions and departments have taken rapid action to take new steps in the comprehensive treatment of air pollution and further improve the standardization level of urban management; The implementation of the deposit system for beverage packaging

on February 12 this year, Premier Li Keqiang presided over an executive meeting of the State Council to study and deploy further strengthening the control of atmospheric pollution such as smog. It is mentioned that the central government will set up a special fund and allocate 10billion yuan this year to implement awards instead of subsidies for the prevention and control of air pollution in key areas. From the perspective of specific measures, most of them are related to the electromechanical industry, such as: implementing cross regional power transmission projects, reasonably controlling the total amount of coal consumption, and promoting the use of clean coal; Promote the quality upgrading of vehicle oil products, and fully supply the national four vehicle diesel by the end of this year; We will improve the subsidy policies for the purchase of new energy vehicles, and intensify efforts to eliminate yellow standard vehicles and old vehicles. It can be predicted that this year, the relevant industries conducive to energy conservation and environmental protection will usher in a good development opportunity, and those backward and heavily polluting industries and enterprises will accelerate their demise

where are the business opportunities? Target urbanization

China's urbanization rate rose from 27.99% in 1993 to 51.27% in 2012, bringing strong demand to the construction machinery industry. According to the new target requirements, China's urbanization rate will reach about 60% by 2020, which will undoubtedly add new impetus to the construction machinery market

at the same time, the automobile industry has also seen the huge impetus brought by urbanization. Shi Jianhua, Deputy Secretary General of the China Association of automobile manufacturers, said recently that the promotion of new urbanization will stimulate new demand for cars. Historical experience shows that urbanization will further promote the demand for automobile consumption. In addition, the investment in infrastructure and public facilities in small cities driven by urbanization, the construction of new housing projects, the demolition of rural land, the construction of large-scale public service facilities, the transportation of urban logistics, environmental sanitation, municipal engineering and so on have increased the demand for cars

the post market of construction machinery is very rich, including warranty services, maintenance, leasing and remanufacture. Qi Jun, President of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, once said that there is great potential for construction machinery to effectively defrost once every three days in the aftermarket. Xu Bin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, also said that the post market of construction machinery must be a new blue ocean

as far as the automotive industry is concerned, the current vehicle ownership in China has exceeded 100million, which is behind the huge demand for after-sales service. In 2013, the scale of China's automotive after-sales service market has exceeded 450 billion yuan. It is expected that the scale of the entire after-sales service market will exceed 766 billion yuan in 2015. The automotive after-sales market is becoming a new growth point in the entire industrial chain. Experts pointed out that 2014 will be the year of reshuffle in the automotive aftermarket. Manufacturers with capital, technology, management and other advantages will gradually make efforts, and the development of the automotive aftermarket will be more standardized. Brands that can reflect the concept of travel alienation service will likely stand out in the post market chaos

land circulation, promoting the new development of agricultural machinery industry

looking forward to 2014, the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and the central rural work conference have focused, which has made the whole country think about the future issues of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. The Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee was aimed at China's agricultural and rural development, especially at the transformation of Chinese farmers to increase production and income through the capitalization and capitalization of land resources and homesteads. It will not only promote the development of China's agriculture, but also add a strong driving force to the development of the agricultural machinery market. Professionals believe that China's agricultural machinery industry faces two opportunities in 2014: first, land circulation promotes large-scale operation of land, promotes the development of the market demand structure of agricultural machinery from small machinery to medium-sized or even large-scale, and promotes the adjustment of industrial structure; Second, food production and food security put forward higher requirements for the informatization, digitization and intellectualization of agricultural machinery products, and promoted the upgrading of industrial technology

with explosive growth, new energy vehicles are not impossible

under the background of the national policy of advocating low-carbon life, energy conservation and emission reduction, air pollution control and other policies, the new energy vehicle industry has entered a golden period of development. The list of the second batch of cities for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles released by the four ministries and commissions was released a few days ago, supporting 12 cities or regions to carry out the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, laying a solid foundation for the popularization of new energy vehicles in the future. Under the background of policy support and technological progress, the domestic market sales of 3-yuan materials reached 54300 tons in 2016, 2014 is likely to become the first year of explosive growth of new energy vehicles in China. Experts predict that, based on the minimum cumulative promotion volume of 5000 vehicles in each new energy vehicle promotion and application city, the two promotion cities need to complete the promotion volume of more than 250000 vehicles, of which the sales volume of new energy vehicles in the public sector is 130000. Assuming that 50% of them are new energy passenger car sales, the sales volume of new energy passenger cars is about 65000, and the annual average sales volume is about 30000, which will increase significantly compared with the sales volume of less than 10000 in 2013. At the same time, the increase in subsidies for new energy vehicles will also benefit the pure electric passenger vehicle sector

On February 12, the National Energy Administration issued a notice on the new construction scale of photovoltaic power generation in 2014, with a total new record size of 14million kW. According to the 2014 provincial photovoltaic power generation scale plan released by the National Energy Administration of China, the total photovoltaic power stations are about 118000 kW, of which the distributed PV is about 76000 kW. Within ± 2% of the set value; When the speed is ≥ 0.05% FS/s, China may be the largest photovoltaic market in the world in the next 5-10 years, and the total demand is relatively stable. However, the current development of photovoltaic power generation still has two key issues to be solved: whether photovoltaic power generation can be carried out smoothly and whether subsidies can be implemented in a timely manner

the national energy administration clearly requires that power enterprises timely formulate supporting power construction plans according to the annual construction scale arrangement, coordinate and promote the construction and transformation of supporting power, and timely do a good job in the power access and operation services of photovoltaic power generation projects. For distributed photovoltaic power generation projects, power enterprises should ensure the safe and reliable use of electricity by users, and do a good job in electricity metering, electricity fee settlement and the transfer of national subsidy funds in a timely manner. Now, the national policy on the development of photovoltaic power generation has been very clear, and the key lies in how to implement it

e-commerce is coming, and the new trend is scouring the sand.

for the construction machinery industry, e-commerce has long been familiar, and many construction machinery agents are already on the way to try. The rapid popularization and development of e-commerce and the disruptive revolution brought by mobile e-commerce are not all crises for agents. If agents find their own positioning and business model, it may be an opportunity for the second great development of their career

although e-commerce has not achieved much sales in the automotive and construction machinery industry at present, the consumption mode it brings has completely overturned the past tradition. When more and more people happily enjoy the service of didi taxi, who dares to say that e-commerce can only be a small business in the electromechanical industry

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