EIA publicity of the hottest 100000 ton functional

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Environmental assessment publicity of 100000 tons of functional and water-based coating materials project

environmental assessment publicity of 100000 tons of functional and water-based coating materials project

May 24, 2010 friction day between working piston and force measuring piston

[China paint information] release unit: Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences

release date: May 21, 2010

1 Description

Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences is entrusted by Shanghai paint Co., Ltd. to carry out the environmental impact assessment of the "100000 ton/year functional and water-based coating material project" (hereinafter referred to as "the project"). The first information release is now made to the public in accordance with national and municipal laws and regulations

Shanghai paint Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Academy of environmental sciences are responsible for the authenticity of the information released at this stage

with the implementation process of the project and the implementation of environmental impact assessment, relevant information will be improved or adjusted

2. Outline of construction project

(1) project name: 100000 tons/year functional and water-based coating materials project

(2) project location: Jinshan second industrial zone

(3) industry of the project: C26 - chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing industry

(4) project content:

this project is mainly based on the development trend of China's coating market, Shanghai coating Co., Ltd. will form a new coating material industry base in Jinshan second industrial zone, and develop various functional coil coatings, industrial paints, water-based paints, and 67 glass fiber reinforced cement light porous partition board related materials, mainly including alkyd resin, amino resin, unsaturated resin, acrylic resin, oily additives and water-based additives

3. Overview of the construction unit

(1) Name: Shanghai paint Co., Ltd.

(2) contact address: No. 345, South Shaanxi Road, Shanghai

(3) contact person: Mr. Yin

(4) contact: (fax)

e-mail: yinjw@chinascc The friction force is detected by the pressure sensor and finally transmitted to the computer for data processing and drawing the friction coefficient curve COM

4. Overview of the evaluation organization

(1) Name: Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences

(2) Certificate Number: National Environmental Assessment Certificate Jia Zi No. 1801

(3) address: No. 508 Qinzhou road

(4) contact person: Mr. Wu

(5) contact information: (fax)

e-mail: wush@saes ,

5. Working procedures and main work contents of environmental impact assessment

according to the requirements of relevant technical guidelines for environmental impact assessment, 7 Conduct chemical composition analysis, metallographic analysis and environmental impact report. The emphasis of environmental impact assessment is determined according to the content and characteristics of the construction project

(1) working procedures

① the environmental assessment unit receives the environmental assessment task

② project data collection and environmental quality status investigation

③ preparation of environmental impact statement

④ public opinion investigation

⑤ the construction unit applies for the environmental impact statement and other relevant materials to the competent environmental protection department

(2) Main work contents

① project site survey and investigation of environmental sensitive points

② evaluation of environmental quality status quo

③ project engineering analysis

④ environmental impact prediction and evaluation

⑤ analysis of environmental protection measures

6. Main matters for public opinions

solicit public opinions and suggestions on environmental protection of the project construction, The main contents include:

(1) the main environmental problems currently existing in the project and the surrounding areas

(2) suggestions on the environmental protection work of the project

(3) attitudes and suggestions on the construction of the project

7. The main ways for the public to put forward opinions

the public can send e-mail, fax Express opinions and opinions on the construction and environmental assessment of the project in the form of letters (only accept issues related to environmental protection). Please refer to Article 3 and 4 for contact information. Please leave your real name and basic information (unit or address, education level, occupation, contact information, etc.) as far as possible for public comments, so as to feedback as needed and make a return visit if necessary

8. Effective period of information release

the effective period of this information release and public consultation is within 10 working days from the date of this release

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