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Osaka gas successfully developed pet

Osaka gas company of Japan has successfully developed a composite material made of recycled PET bottles and PE gas pipes, which can obtain high-strength and high elongation plastic at the same level as ABS, which can be used as the shell of household appliances and effectively recycle plastic waste

because pet has excellent strength, PE has flexibility. If these two kinds of plastics can be compounded, they can be applied to home appliance parts and components, and then replace the ABS plastic market. Therefore, the thermoforming system built by Yili Machinery Co., Ltd. in heilburon, Germany, often uses 40 Cr, 40MnB, 40crni and other low costs. However, the basic molecular structures of pet and PE are different, so it is difficult to establish low-cost compounding technology

this time, Osaka gas successfully compounded the parts of pet and PE that are easy to fuse with the same base as other compounds by conducting nano scale vibration test with phase melting agent, which helps your products leap into the ranks of high quality. The product has the same tensile strength as ABS, more than 2 times of impact resistance and more than 4 times of elongation, which can replace ABS. The company plans to make this composite plastic into a base plate box for gas electrical installation

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