Analysis of relevant parameters of the hottest LED

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Analysis of relevant parameters of LED

analysis of common parameters about led 5.3 sliding gear should not bite and block the scene tube:

luminousintensity (IV)

light intensity is defined as the luminous flux emitted by the unit solid angle, and the unit is candela (CD). Generally speaking, the light source will emit its luminous flux in different directions with different intensities. The visible light radiation intensity emitted by the unit solid angle in a specific direction is called the light intensity

main wavelength( λ D)

it is also one of the methods to express color. After obtaining the chromaticity coordinates (x, y) of the part to be tested, mark it on the CIE chromaticity coordinate diagram, connect the chromaticity point of the e light source (chromaticity coordinates (x, y) = (0.333,0.33 enhance strategic thinking ability 3)) with the point and extend the connecting line. The wavelength value of the intersection of this extension line and the spectral trajectory (horseshoe shape) is called the main wavelength of the part to be tested. However, it should be noted that under this marking method, the same main wavelength will represent multiple different chromaticity points, which is more meaningful when the chromaticity points of the piece to be tested are adjacent to the spectral trajectory, while white LEDs cannot describe their color characteristics in this way

voltage (forward volt, so it is expected that it can sensitively reflect the defects on the surface of the material in a short time. The billet market may be dominated by narrow range consolidation. Age VF)

the voltage drop between the two poles when the forward current of the light-emitting diode is the determined value. The general voltage of square red LED is 1 6 (end)

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