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PetroChina develops gas-phase PE dry powder catalyst in automobile, electronic and electrical appliances, machinery, large complete sets of equipment and other industries. As of December 27, 2012, the gas-phase polyethylene (PE) dry powder catalyst pge-201, a major industrial application test project of PetroChina, has been running for 60 days in the 80000 ton/year LLDPE unit of the plastic plant of Daqing Petrochemical Company. This indicates that PetroChina has its own gas phase polyethylene catalyst

it is understood that eight batches of catalyst production were carried out in this test, and 14000 tons of 7042, 7047, 9047 and other brands of products were produced, all of which were qualified. Under condensing operating conditions, when the activity of the catalyst is 6000~8000, there are well crystallized and periodically arranged atomic grams of polyethylene/g. the catalyst is adjustable, the bulk density of the product is adjustable from 0.35 to 0.39 grams/cubic centimeter, and the ash content of the product is reduced to 0.03%. Compared with the original catalyst used in the device, the activity is up to twice, and the bulk density of the product can be increased by up to 31%

the scientific researchers of Daqing chemical industry research center of Sinopec academy innovatively combined the carrier surface modification with the electron donor technology to overcome the problem that the high content of fine powder in the product restricts the long-term operation of the device, and solve the problem of mutual restriction between the activity of traditional dry powder catalyst and the bulk density of the product. The developed gas-phase polyethylene dry powder catalyst pge-201 has the characteristics of adjustable activity, controllable product bulk density, uniform product particle size distribution, less fine powder content, excellent copolymerization and hydrogen regulation performance, and the catalyst preparation technology ranks at the leading level in China

the small-scale study of the catalyst was completed in 2006. In 2008, the scale-up study of catalyst model test was completed, and the evaluation test was completed in the pilot plant of 3-5kg/batch gas-phase polymerization of Beijing Research Institute of chemical industry; It is also enough to introduce innovation vitality to local governments. Pilot tests for the preparation of 9 kg/batch of pge-201 catalyst were completed in the pilot plant of Qilu Petrochemical Company plastic plant, and pilot evaluation tests for polymerization were completed on the 25 kg/h ethylene gas phase polymerization pilot plant. In 2009, the industrial trial production of 300-350 kg/batch pge-201 catalyst was completed in the catalyst preparation unit of the linear workshop of the plastic plant of Daqing Petrochemical Company, and the industrial application test was carried out on the 80000 T/a LLDPE unit of the workshop

it is reported that in 2013, pge-201 catalyst can fully replace the catalyst of the original unit in the LLDPE unit of Daqing Petrochemical Company, and be preliminarily promoted in Jilin Petrochemical Company, and then be fully applied in similar units within PetroChina

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