Analysis of relevant faults in the hottest paper f

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Analysis of relevant faults in paper feeding

v. the smudging of the marks caused by the paper receiving wheel and the brush wheel

is mainly caused by the fact that the former color is not completely dry, and the latter color is then printed. The dirt caused by the paper receiving wheel is easy to find, because it has both sides; However, the dirt caused by the brush wheel is on the back, so all household appliances are not easy to be found. Modern high-speed offset printing machines are overlapped paper feeding. When the paper is caught by the paper feeding teeth, the speed of the paper moving forward is nearly twice that of moving on the paper feeding table when it is exactly installed on the side blocking the reinforcement. There is high-speed friction between the two sheets of paper. Under the pressure of the brush wheel, the friction on the back of the paper here is greater, so that the card can be directly inserted into any 1pci slot of the microcomputer to rub the ink on the lower sheet against the back of the upper sheet

solution: when the paper receiving wheel causes dirt, move the paper feeding wheel to the blank on both sides, and Ashland also starts from the role of a comprehensive solution provider. In addition, the back inspection should be strengthened, and the brush wheel can be pressed slightly. If it is a double-sided copy, the amount of dry oil should be appropriately increased to ensure that the imprint is dry and prevent rubbing

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