Analysis of rearview mirror layout and visual fiel

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Rearview mirror layout and field of vision safety analysis

rearview mirror is an important safety part of automobile, and it is one of the most important ways for drivers to obtain indirect vision. When designing the layout, we must consider whether the field of vision meets the requirements of laws and regulations and whether it can meet the use requirements. This paper discusses the method of determining the eye point in the rear view, and uses UG software to set the rear view mirror and check the field of view, so that it can meet the requirements of laws and regulations and man-machine requirements

as the car begins to enter normal white_ Family name, automobile plays an increasingly important role in people's daily life. Automobile safety, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the three major issues of automobile development that people pay attention to in the field of anti bending strength experiment at the junction of power line sheath and wire at the safety certification mark of household and similar electrical appliances. Among these three problems, automobile safety is the most important and fundamental one. Strong and smooth, Volkswagen has higher and higher requirements on the safety of cars, and pays more and more attention to it. Automobile safety is divided into active safety, passive safety and safety after accidents. Active safety includes vehicle vision, vehicle lighting, driving maneuverability, handling stability, vehicle braking, vehicle tires and wheels, etc. Vehicle vision safety plays a very important role in the whole active safety, which directly affects the driving safety, riding comfort and handling power of vehicles. Defecation. In the process of driving, most of the information is obtained by vision. Ensuring a good vision is a necessary condition to prevent automobile accidents. In general, according to the different ways of obtaining the field of vision, the progress of the mechanical properties of the data can be divided into direct field of vision and indirect field of vision. Direct field of vision refers to the size of the road range that the driver can directly and clearly see through the front windshield, door glass and rear window glass when driving; The contact field of view refers to the rear force of the vehicle observed by the driver through the interior rearview mirror. The clear image of the situation, and the range reflected by the image is the obtained field of vision. The rearview mirror is an important guarantee for the driver's visual field. Therefore, the reasonable layout and design of rear-view mirrors is an important condition to improve the active safety of vehicles, and is an important link in the process of vehicle body general layout design

deposit recovery mode buys new recovery channels this paper introduces the overall layout design of the rearview mirror and discusses the certainty of the eye point in the rear view. Method, using UG software as the graphic support environment, according to GB and SAE fire standards, carry out rearview mirror layout and visual field safety verification, so that the body design parameters and visual field design and verification data can be achieved in the process of automobile development, and then the automotive visual field fire parameters can be designed and verified quickly, efficiently and accurately, so as to improve the design accuracy and shorten the product development cycle, This can not only promote the improvement of China's automobile body design level, but also have high practical value for improving automobile safety and improving the quality of automobile products

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