Analysis of quality problems in the sealing triang

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Analysis of the quality problem of the steel drum sealing triangle area (I)

the great enemy of the steel drum product quality is leakage, because it makes the steel drum lose its most basic function, so it can greatly improve the toughness of the products. Leakage has become the most discussed topic. However, leakage is not a simple problem, and it is impossible to say it all in one word. This paper attempts to conduct a special study on the quality of the steel drum sealing triangle area with the highest leakage rate, in order to obtain the consensus of experts and find a way to solve the problem for improving product quality

the triangle area of steel barrel refers to the special area where the barrel body weld intersects with the bottom and top crimping seals. This area has become an area of trouble. It is mainly because it has the dual characteristics of seam welding and crimping, which brings together a variety of quality problems, including seam welding, crimping and interference. At present, shopping malls are dominated by anti rotation, which is also the main reason for its long-term perplexity to barrel makers

in order to clarify our thoughts with as clear and clear ideas as possible, next, we will classify and discuss the quality problems in the triangle area. We follow the traditional analysis method for each problem, that is, first put forward the continuous loading appearance of the quality problem, then analyze the causes of the quality problem, and then put forward the possible ways to solve the problem. I think there are some problems that have been talked about again and again, so I don't need to discuss them in detail. What this article focuses on is the regularity and systematicness of the problems

I. Influence of raw material quality crimping crack

for the study of quality problems in the triangular area, our usual analysis method is to cut the crimping and observe and analyze the cross-section shape

sometimes, when we cut the leakage part of the triangle along the central crimping section, we will see the situation as shown in Figure 1. The leakage is caused by one or more cracks in the crimping part of the barrel body

curling cracks are sometimes related to welding (which will be discussed in detail later), but we found that under the same welding conditions, this phenomenon can occur in large quantities in some materials. After analysis and testing, it is confirmed that it is a material problem of the material itself

the materials used in steel drums are closely related to the quality of steel drums. During the forming process of steel barrel, the steel plate at the deformation part is stretched to varying degrees, and its internal stress is mainly tensile stress. When the internal stress of the deformed part exceeds the breaking strength of the material, the steel plate will crack. Therefore, the steel plate is required to have good plasticity. The plasticity of steel plate is related to the carbon content. The steel plate with low carbon content has better plasticity. Table 1 lists the chemical composition and properties of common steel plates for 200 liter steel drums

Table 1 performance requirements of common steel plates for 200 liter steel drums

steel grade

chemical composition (%)

physical properties








tensile strength n/mm the product reaches the user's hands 2


stamping depth mm


0.05 ~


0.17 ~









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