The hottest gasoline prices rose in Singapore mark

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On June 6, the price of gasoline in Singapore market rose

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, June 7 (Xinhua) -- on Monday (June 6), the price of gasoline in Singapore market was $58.03 per barrel, up $1.00, equivalent to 5565 yuan per ton of domestic gasoline duty paid. There is no deal in the Singapore gasoline spot market. 92 Auto plans to exceed 130% of the total sales by 2017, and the bid price of the oil cargo between the buyer and the seller is $56 and $58 respectively. Traders expect that China is waiting for downstream demand verification; Macroscopically, the two sessions will be held, and the slight reduction of gasoline exports in July will support the market. Zhonglian oil company (based on fatigue resistance) exported 3-4 batches of 30000 tons of July 90 gasoline cargo, and the company exported 4 batches in June. Hindustan oil company wants to buy 20000 tons of gasoline shipments delivered on June 20-30 and July 20-30

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