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Gartner catalyst held Inspur exhibition of end-to-end AI solutions in San Diego recently, Gartner catalyst held in San Diego, California, the United States. Inspur, the world's leading cloud computing solutions and service providers, attended the conference. Dolly Wu, general manager of Inspur cloud computing and data center in the United States, made a keynote speech on "artificial intelligence and deep learning", and said that although the current application and innovation of AI are mainly in the Internet industry, However, traditional enterprises such as finance and manufacturing are the largest application fields of AI in the future. Traditional enterprise users need not only AI services, but also end-to-end overall AI solutions. In addition, Inspur demonstrated M5 products based on the latest Intel Xeon scalable processors overseas for the first time, providing an exclusive computing platform for AI

enterprise applications, the next gold mine of AI

gartner catalyst is a technological innovation conference hosted by Gartner, a global authoritative research company, for industry authoritative analysts, CTOs, engineers, suppliers, scientists, researchers, etc. the content of this conference covers various cutting-edge topics such as cloud, big data, edge computing, etc., of which AI is the most concerned topic. The era of AI has come. Gartner pointed out that in the next 10 years, how fragmented will AI be? AI will become the most destructive technology. Technological progress in computing, data acquisition, deep neural networks and other fields will greatly promote the development of AI

at present, Internet companies play a major role in AI technology innovation and application. From 2012 to 2016, the number of mergers and acquisitions and IPOs for AI enterprises increased from 2 to 68. In the future, traditional enterprises will also play an important role in the development of AI. More and more enterprises begin to apply AI from the strategic level. Gartner predicts that by 2020, 20% of companies will use AI technology to improve their internal applications and processes. AI in the field of automation, pharmaceutical research, customer relationship management, supply chain optimization, predictive maintenance, operational efficiency, anti fraud Resources optimization and other fields will show a large number of business and social application scenarios

provide exclusive computing platform for AI

the innovation of computing is the biggest driving force for the development of AI. Inspur has been committed to providing users with exclusive and innovative AI platform, and is the manufacturer with the most complete AI product line in the industry. Dolly said that Langchao is an important partner of Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba and other leading Internet companies in the field of computing. The AI systems of Baidu's driverless, image search and other businesses are supported by Langchao computing products, and Langchao's share in China's AI field exceeds 60%

at the conference site, Inspur showed three products, including nf5288m5, nf5280m5 and SR-AI whole cabinets. Among them, nf5288m5 can support 8 GPUs in 2U space, which is the world's first calculation scheme to achieve 4gpu/u expansion density, and the product has very ideal expansion linearity. When tested with tensorflow framework and googlenet model, the product is configured with 8 GPUs, and the processing speed is 1165 pictures per second, which is 2.49 times the performance when configured with 4 GPUs. In addition, the SR-AI whole cabinet can pool the GPU and CPU physical decoupling. The maximum number of GPUs in a single node is 16, and the overall maximum number of GPUs is 64. The overall peak processing capacity is 512tflops, which is times higher than the performance of the general AI scheme. This scheme has achieved large-scale application in Baidu's entire AI business

smart ecosystem, from customized platform to end-to-end solution

the business of Inspur includes not only special AI hardware, but also AI platform software such as computing framework, management tools and optimization tools. It puts forward the composition design of domestic high-strength, high toughness and low quenching sensitivity aluminum alloy and the microstructure control criteria and tool software in the manufacturing process. Inspur has been developing and iteratively updating the most popular AI framework Caffe MPI, and launched AI training cluster management software aistation in May this year. This product can provide a complete business process from data preparation to analysis of training results, and supports various computing frameworks such as Caffe, tensorflow, cntk, and various models such as googlenet, VGg, RESNET, It realizes the unified management of different models and training tasks, as well as the logging and analysis of loss function and training error in the training process, so that users can find the problems of AI models in the training process, rather than after the training

dolly said that while developing various platform tools and algorithm tools, Inspur is also developing the AI industry ecosystem. It not only customized FPGA products and AI computing innovative products based on knl/gpu with Intel and other computing chip manufacturers, but also maintained close cooperation with top Internet companies to deeply customize and jointly develop their algorithms and software capabilities in the AI field with AI computing platforms to form end-to-end solutions, Promote the application of AI in traditional fields such as enterprises and governments. At present, Inspur is setting up a smart computing CEO club around the world, establishing a regular communication mechanism for senior executives in the industry, cooperating with manufacturers in various fields in AI innovation and cooperation, and promoting the application process of AI

Sandy Shen, research director of Gartner, said that at present, artificial intelligence is still in a very preliminary stage of development. Its application in enterprises is still limited to the working fields with higher mechanical and repeatability than routine, such as manipulator training, quality control, after-sales service, etc. China's extruder industry has many beneficial conditions in foreign trade and export. With the improvement of AI technology, its application scope will gradually expand to catering In new fields such as data collection and analysis, the potential market space of enterprises is difficult to measure, and enterprises need to make strategic investment and targeted business layout for long-term problems

in 2017, Inspur released its smart computing strategy. AI is an important part of smart computing. For a long time to come, Inspur will further focus on smart computing, build a computing ecosystem with smart computing as the core, strengthen the global leadership in the field of computing, and strive to become a global leader in smart computing. At present, the overall server product line, including AI products, has been upgraded to the latest Intel scalable computing platform, and has been specially designed and optimized for high-energy buildings for smart computing. Driven by the smart computing strategy, the development of Inspur in the field of AI will further accelerate

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