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Subsidized gas truck operation Universiade helps Shanxi save energy and reduce emissions subsidized gas truck operation Universiade helps Shanxi save energy and reduce emissions China Construction machinery information recently, Shanxi Provincial Department of Finance and the Commission of economy and information technology issued a three-year Interim Measures for the management of marketing subsidies for new energy vehicles in Shanxi Province (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"). The subsidy covers not only pure electric and hybrid cars and commercial vehicles, but also natural gas vehicles. However, the only restriction is to subsidize only local car enterprises in Shanxi Province

it can be seen from the "measures" that there are relatively many types of vehicles enjoying subsidies. The subsidy standards for commercial vehicles include: in 2015, 50000 yuan/vehicle for electric passenger cars and 10000 yuan/vehicle for special electric vehicles; Methanol passenger car 10000 yuan/vehicle, methanol heavy truck 10000 yuan/vehicle; The gas heavy truck is 10000 yuan/vehicle, and the gas light (micro) truck is 2000 yuan/vehicle. In, the subsidy standard will be halved

after the implementation of the "measures", how much can it promote the local natural gas truck market in Shanxi

The introduction of the "measures" will undoubtedly promote the further promotion and application of energy-saving and new energy vehicles in Shanxi Province, and help reduce smog and the emergence of more blue skies in Shanxi Province

according to the "measures", the subsidy standard for natural gas trucks is 10000 yuan/vehicle. The author calculated an economic account. Taking a tractor of Dayun as an example, the price difference between the national fourth diesel tractor and the natural gas tractor is about 70000 yuan. The fuel consumption of diesel vehicles is about 35L per 100 kilometers (typical high-speed road conditions), and the gas consumption of gas vehicles is about 46 cubic meters per 100 kilometers. When users buy a car, the manufacturer will directly deduct 10000 yuan of car purchase subsidy from the price, so that the price difference will be reduced to about 60000 yuan. According to the current No.0 diesel price of 5.8 yuan/liter and the LNG price of 4 yuan/m3 in Shanxi Province, the energy consumption cost of 100 kilometers of natural gas trucks is 21.8 yuan lower than that of traditional diesel vehicles. Based on the annual operating mileage of 150000 kilometers of a tractor, a natural gas truck can save 32700 yuan of energy consumption cost a year

before the subsidy, the price difference between natural gas vehicles and diesel vehicles is about 70000 yuan, and users need more than two years to earn back the price difference; After the subsidy, the price difference between the two is about 60000 yuan, and users can earn back the price difference in only one year and 10 months, followed by the net income of natural gas vehicle operation, which can make a net profit of 100000 yuan in three years

optimistic about the great fortune of the natural gas vehicle market and "building blocks" for energy conservation and emission reduction in Shanxi.

when talking about the impact of the above policies on the natural gas heavy truck market, The relevant person in charge of Shanxi Dayun Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. said, "due to the current large decline in the heavy truck market (monthly cumulative decline of more than 30%) Under the cover of the nest, the overall situation of gas trucks is not optimistic. However, as the national and local governments have significantly increased the promotion of alternative energy, if the gas price and oil price are adjusted again, and the price difference between the two continues to widen, it is expected that the sales of Dayun natural gas vehicles will increase significantly this year. On the whole, I am optimistic about the natural gas commercial vehicle market. "

he believes that, first of all, with the continuous upgrading of national environmental protection regulations, the national five emission standards will be fully implemented in the next two to three years, and developed regions such as Beijing, the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta will implement the national five in advance. As a result, the challenges faced by fuel trucks will increase significantly, while natural gas trucks have been implementing the national five standards as early as 2013. For the manufacturers of gas trucks, their technology has been relatively mature; Secondly, the oil price is likely to continue to rise in the second half of the year. As the price difference between natural gas and diesel gradually widens, and in order to realize the marketization of gas price, the price of natural gas will also be more reasonable. At that time, natural gas trucks will have more advantages in economy. Third, the central and local governments support the application of natural gas fuel for automobiles. 1. First of all, we should consider the need for testing data. The limited policies are emerging in endlessly, and the large-scale application of gas-fired commercial vehicles is the general trend. "After mechanical analysis, the introduction of this' method 'will undoubtedly contribute to the accelerated development of Shanxi local gas heavy trucks and the energy conservation and emission reduction of Shanxi Province."

in addition to the promotion of external policies, Dayun heavy truck is also strengthening its internal skills and actively expanding the energy-saving and new energy truck market. In 2015, Dayun heavy truck will continue to devote itself to the research, development and improvement of environmental friendly vehicles such as LNG tractors and gas dump trucks, which need to be tested several times with a steel sample with a certain hardness. "We have always insisted that Universiade automobile is duty bound to help Shanxi Province and even North China in energy conservation and environmental protection."

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