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Meijia Meihu designers drew inspiration from the natural customs of northern Europe to create the series of wall coverings of "meet northern Europe". The elegant natural materials, smooth lines and strong minimalism are very consistent with the household concept of light life pursued by modern people


spring new products

each one surprises you

in recent years, Nordic style has captured a large number of believers because of its simple and elegant

quiet and non vanity design

fresh and high appearance

the residential style of a region

is often the long integration and precipitation of local residents' environmental perception

meet northern Europe

meijiameihu designers have obtained inspiration from the natural customs of northern Europe and created the series of wall coverings of meet northern Europe. The elegant natural materials and smooth lines are true Strong minimalism and beautiful functional design are in line with the household concept of light life pursued by modern people

quality home, enjoy life

fashion quality

simple and romantic

plain atmosphere

avant garde personality

home design is a design full of life style

create one after another changing and colorful living space

life should be colorful, and different home colors

can bring a lot of fun and warmth

the city of Norway

the clear blue, silver white, and the long green, as if we were in the Norwegian forest, the distant wind walked through the green, listening to the rustling sound of nature, calm and happy, the pursuit of high-quality life how to be bound by space, design, so that we can make unlimited reveries in limited space, Meijia Meihu's Norwegian morning takes you to appreciate the smart beauty of ordinary life

the charm of green

elegance is silent. The Nordic style presents a temperament that will not be eroded by time and a casual attitude to life. They are full of simple and fashionable beauty. The details emphasize the quality of life and mood, which can be elegant and delicate, but lazy and comfortable. The charm of green, a beautiful family, moves people with gentleness and perfectly presents the beauty of casual

less is more, which is a proper natural balance

simplicity is the natural temperament of Nordic style. Most people like Nordic style because it is fresh and elegant, warm and comfortable. If you feel this gentle power, you may fall in love with this safe, quiet and peaceful atmosphere

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