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Zhanzhi Tianhua wooden door 618 Ideal Life Carnival season, "British walk" series kitchen set meal special rewards, and a variety of preferential combinations are hot

zhanzhi Tianhua whole house customization

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British simple European style

when the pure white meets the quiet sea blue

as if the sea breeze of the Atlantic Ocean blows romantic sea breeze.National flavor, Zhijie pure white meets quiet sea blue, creating an elegant modern simple European style. This is the most beautiful style of zhanzhitianhua's "walk in England" series

as far as the eye can see, the white furniture extends the sense of space, and even the limited space appears spacious and bright. Dark floors and walls distinguish spatial levels, and become a touch of color embellishment that cannot be ignored in the pure white overall home

the typical door plate groove constructs a simple and linear furniture facade. The ceremonial column line and hat line, together with the silver hardware inlaid with shining rhinestones, show the aristocratic sentiment with British brand

function analysis

Super storage capacity under the perfect appearance

the design of symmetrical sofa cabinet makes full use of space, and the combination of open cabinet and closed cabinet not only considers the convenience of daily storage, but also takes into account the privacy of goods storage. The corresponding TV cabinet and sofa cabinet echo each other, adding a sense of ceremony to the home atmosphere, showing a magnificent atmosphere

the bedside table in the master bedroom connects the wardrobe and dressing table, and the corner space is reasonably used. The unified style of the hanging cabinet is neat and orderly, the top design does not leave a dead corner, and there is too much storage space. The clothes and bedding of the current season are fully loaded. The floating window adopts the lifting tatami design, reading and drinking tea, taking a rest in leisure, and enjoying leisure

the second bedroom adopts tatami design, which saves space and takes into account the dual functions of rest and entertainment. The customized desk is matched with the table side cabinet and hanging cabinet to create a more diverse reading and book collection space. The connection between the bookcase and the wardrobe is designed as an open display cabinet, which provides exclusive space for beloved ornaments

design highlights

kitchen design with both functionality and aesthetics

the kitchen hanging cabinet adopts a unique arched door opening design, and the open cabinet is matched with a low fence, which is like the miniature of a European country house, which is carefully collected in your kitchen by the designer

the design of the glass cabinet door increases the permeability of the space, matches with the overall tone, and the visual effect is brighter and broader. The glass cabinet is insulated from dust and lampblack, and the practicality is full. It is more reassuring to place your favorite dishes or hide wine

fully considering the characteristics of the kitchen, the cabinet door under the sink is designed into a delicate fence, which not only blocks the space at the bottom of the cabinet, but also ventilates and breathes, combining practicality and beauty

618 Ideal Life Carnival season, "England walk" series kitchen set meal special price, and a variety of preferential combinations are hot, building an ideal life for you! Immediately follow zhanzhi Tianhua tmall flagship store or local stores and share zhanzhi Tianhua 618 Carnival benefits





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