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Nowadays, the Internet has changed everyone's daily spending habits, and online shopping is now a trend! Facing clothing Digital and other professional commodities make a lot of money in e-commerce ", the profession of doors and windows has also been coveted for a long time, and various major home shopping malls have also begun to contact electric commerce.

in furniture online shopping, doors and windows have become a hot commodity. However, due to the particularity of choosing doors and windows, online shopping for doors and windows is still unbearable for some people. According to analysis, doors and windows are a kind of high-priced, large-size and long-term used goods, and people usually want to feel it before purchasing when choosing, while online shopping All information can only be learned from the product introduction and customer service introduction. In order to improve sales, some unscrupulous businesses have posted plagiarized network images on their home pages, and even falsely reported the raw materials of doors and windows, pretending to use low-grade solid wood as high-grade solid doors and windows, and so on

in order to make more consumers bear the online purchase of doors and windows, door and window merchants must communicate with consumers with their real appearance in the network, restore the original appearance of doors and windows, and establish an outstanding brand image with excellent service and goods, so as to win the trust of more consumers. Therefore, when purchasing door and window goods, we must choose brands

what prevents the online shopping of doors and windows together is the lack of perfect delivery services and after-sales services. Doors and windows are a special commodity, which is not like buying a bottle of water and taking it away when you pay. Doors and windows have a huge "body shape". It is a question to purchase and transport online. For such a large item, the delivery fee is also expensive. Moreover, if there is any damage to the doors and windows in the transportation process, the seller and logistics will shirk to each other, and ultimately the customer will be injured

it is precisely because of the two major problems of integrity and transportation that have prevented the development of the door and window profession. At this time, a new e-commerce method of Furniture Customization appears

in short, this new e-commerce method is different from the traditional finished doors and windows. Customizing doors and windows in China is to adopt the way of Furniture Customization, provide complete furniture design schemes for consumers, and then build them, including delivery, door-to-door devices, and payment, which are all offline. This is an excellent way to deal with the two major problems of integrity and delivery, so this business method has been excellent performance and proved to be successful

compared with the traditional online shopping method, online customization of doors and windows emphasizes personalization, and also deals with the disadvantages of traditional shopping. For the furniture industry, customization must also become a development trend




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