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The PK activity of Rongshida store image has been launched, and the top five stores with votes have been released so far! Haven't voted for your favorite store yet? Pick up your cell phone and vote

in April, Rongshida held a store image PK activity. Since its launch on April 18, this activity has attracted many people to actively vote and support, which is very popular! At present, the top five stores are Mianyang store in Sichuan (418 tickets), Jinzhou store in Liaoning (317 tickets), Qianjiang store in Hubei (248 tickets), Shuozhou store in Shanxi (220 tickets) and Huangshi store in Hubei (190 tickets). Sure enough, after a day of fighting for popularity, rising stars bravely catch up, and the votes of our families in Liaoning rose minute by minute, which was very impressive. Keep going

a few days ago, some friends reported that the voting page could not successfully vote. After verification by the Technology Department of wechat alliance, it was due to the system problem that there were unsolvable problems in the sharing link voting. There would be some bugs more or less. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience

Rongshida shares the correct voting method with you:

first, please be sure to follow the official account "Rongshida kitchen and bathroom" on wechat before voting, or long press the QR code below to identify and follow

second, after following, there are two ways to enter the voting page

1. You can enter the keyword "love to fight will win" and send it to the official account "Rongshida kitchen and bathroom" to get the voting page. (Note: sending keywords to the subscription number "Zhongshan Rongshida kitchen and bathroom appliances" can't get the voting page. Please distinguish between official account and service number. This time, do you understand why you sent keywords and didn't respond? At this time, brother Rong was also silent...)

2. After paying attention to "Rongshida kitchen and bathroom", there will be a "darrenju" column on the right side of the main screen. Clicking on "darrenju" will display a "love to fight will win" column, and clicking it can directly enter the PK voting page of the store

if you know the voting method, please follow our official account "Rongshida kitchen and bathroom" to vote for your friends. Remember to identify the voting time

the first round of PK: the voting time is April 18-22 (five days), and the top ten in each region are selected for all household franchise stores in the north and South regions respectively

the second round of PK: the voting time is April 25-29 (five days). For the 20 home furnishing franchise stores selected in the first round in total in the north and South regions, the top five in China are finally selected

award announcement: on April 30, the top five home furnishing franchisees were announced in wechat mall

award setting: the top five stores have received material support of Rongshida 2000 yuan

the PK activity of Rongshida home store image is still in progress! Pay attention to Rongshida and vote for your favorite store! As a Chinese original brand, Rongshida will strive to create a fashionable, comfortable and colorful life for Chinese people




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