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Shantou OGE: the wide flexographic printing equipment is at the leading level in China

[China Packaging News] (author: Wang Dahai) with the development of China's printing industry and the improvement of social awareness of environmental protection, and the significant progress has been made in the software and hardware technologies such as ceramic rollers for the number of high-speed lines of water-based ink flexible plate making, many printing enterprises have an urgent demand for the localization of the wide satellite flexographic printing machine. In order to build domestic high-quality flexographic printing equipment and promote the application of flexographic printing technology in China as soon as possible, Shantou OGE Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. started the research and development of wide satellite flexographic printing machine as early as 2003. General manager chenhongqi personally led a group of professional design and technical personnel with rich experience to tackle key problems in the field of flexographic printing machine technology research and development, In addition, it has cooperated with the relevant domestic colleges and universities to introduce, digest and absorb foreign advanced technology. Through careful design and many tests, it has finally successfully solved the difficult technical problem of changing the printing length without replacing the printing plate roller and gear in flexographic printing. Therefore, this technology (flexographic inking method, offset blanket indirect printing technology) has won China A number of utility model patents have been registered in Germany. At present, the 0g800-ciflex633c satellite wide width double-sided flexographic printing machine independently developed and produced by Shantou OGE Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has been fully qualified after testing and debugging by relevant professional technicians, and was selected by Huaxin Cement Group, the largest listed building materials enterprise in China, a few years ago. The machine presents many technological innovation highlights. This not only indicates that Ogilvy has strong technical strength in developing high-grade flexographic printing equipment, but also proves that the satellite wide width double-sided flexographic printing machine produced by Ogilvy not only occupies the leading position in the domestic flexographic printing equipment manufacturing industry, but also approaches and reaches the advanced level of imported products

Oger is an excellent private enterprise established at the end of the last century, which specializes in the development, production and sales of single-sided and double-sided color printing woven bags and various paper bag flexographic printing equipment. Since it has always adhered to the business philosophy of innovation and pursuing excellence, it has unswervingly taken the road of "I have nothing, I have something new, and I am good at something new". After more than 10 years of continuous research, development and innovation, its self-made flexible printing machines of various specifications have not only sold well in more than 10 provinces and cities including Qinghai, Liaoning, Chongqing, Shandong, Shanghai and Hubei, but also exported to more than 10 regions and countries including Southeast Asia, America and the Middle East, In addition, there are more than 20 new technologies and processes, which have been patented by China and Germany respectively, and a variety of technologies have filled the industry gap. Among them, the satellite wide width double-sided flexographic printing machine, which represents the leading position of domestic flexographic printing equipment, has been completely comparable to the advanced equipment of the same kind in Europe and the United States

compared with gravure printing, offset printing and other printing machines, the wide satellite flexographic printing machine has irreplaceable advantages in technology, performance and quality. Og800-ciflex633c wide width satellite flexographic printer developed by OGE company has the following more technological innovation highlights in process and technology. The whole machine adopts the most advanced process structure, including turret double station unwinder, satellite 6-color printer (including prepress automatic EPC), color dryer, post printing drying box, cooling traction mechanism, turret double station winder, image static monitoring system It is composed of constant temperature system, electric control system and other parts of the central imprint roll. The printing unit includes: printing plate roller, ceramic grain roller, closed two-way scraper aluminum alloy ink cartridge, two-way pneumatic ink pump, wetting plate mixing device, vertical and horizontal quantitative registration device, hydraulic automatic positioning and ink viscosity controller. It can also be printed with water-based or alcohol based ink, with a maximum machine speed of 250m/s. equipped with 875 line/Inch Ceramic line rollers, it can print CPP/CPE/OPP/BOPP/OE/NY/PET/PVC/paper and other roll materials at high speed, multi-color and continuously, and can print 175 line/inch fine and beautiful prints. The overprint accuracy has reached the international advanced level. According to the inspection of relevant departments, this wide width satellite flexographic printing machine has the following performance and characteristics: the central embossing roll adopts the double-layer circulating water cooling technology, after multi-channel heat treatment process, the surface is precision machined, the surface plating layer reaches more than 100um, and the radial circular runout tolerance range is less than 0.08ram. The surface temperature of the central large roll is precisely controlled by constant temperature, and the setting range is C; The error is within 20c to ensure the constant stamping force and the stability of the hydraulic automatic positioning system. When starting up, the hydraulic cylinder pushes the wrinkle roll close to the plate roll for inking, and the plate roll is close to the center roll for printing. When the oil cylinder is closed and positioned for printing, the oil cylinder is lifted to release the pressure. The hydraulic cylinder pushes the wrinkle roll away from the plate roll, and the plate roll away from the center roll, and the transmission gear is still engaged; When printing again, the hydraulic pressure will reset automatically, and neither the chromatic registration nor the printing pressure will stabilize the system; When the machine is stopped, lift the oil cylinder to release the pressure. The hydraulic cylinder pushes the corrugated roll away from the master roll. The master roll leaves the center roll, and the transmission gear is still engaged; When printing again, the hydraulic pressure will be reset automatically, and the color registration/printing pressure will not change. The closed ink circulation system is composed of a two-way scraper aluminum alloy ink cartridge, a two-way pneumatic diaphragm pump and an ink viscosity controller. The inner cavity of the ink cartridge is coated with Teflon anti adhesion layer, which is easy to clean and corrosion-resistant. The imported high-precision ceramic line roller, the Swiss MDCC two-way scraper and the special material ink block ensure that the ink is evenly applied, the service life is long and there is no ink leakage. The ink viscosity can be automatically tracked and fed back, and the ink viscosity can be automatically adjusted in real time, It can keep the ink viscosity stable, reduce printing defects, keep the printing products consistent, effectively save ink consumption and reduce production costs. The control accuracy is up to 0.3s, the operator is easy to set and adjust, and the under ink/under solvent automatic alarm. The whole machine adopts three-stage floating roller closed-loop tension control, and the tension control accuracy can reach 0.251kg. The tension is controlled by the ultra light floating moving roller, the Japanese Fujioka non friction cylinder and precision pressure regulating valve, the Japanese SMC electric proportional valve precision potentiometer, the Siemens programmable linkage control, the touch screen operation, the automatic exchange of the two reels, and the automatic cutting without stopping at high speed

relevant insiders are well aware that flexographic printing technology has been widely used in some advanced countries in Europe and the United States, especially in the multi-layer coextrusion PE or PP film flexible printing bag making technology, which makes the flexographic printing process show high quality, high performance, unique flexibility and economy, and is conducive to environmental protection. It fully conforms to the international hygienic standards for food packaging printing. Its advantage is irreplaceable by the gravure printing process. This is one of the reasons for the rapid development of flexography in foreign countries. However, according to the situation of flexographic printing in China, due to the bottleneck of backward development technology of wide satellite flexographic printing machine and few manufacturers, this advanced bar flexographic printing process has not been popularized and effectively utilized in the domestic market. So many users have to use traditional gravure and offset printing machines, or have to import flexographic printing equipment from abroad at a high price. At the beginning of 2009, the well-known listed enterprise Huaxin Cement Group, due to the improvement of cement packaging, needed high-end printing machines to set up a full-automatic production line for square bottom bags. It was originally intended to import a flexographic printing machine from Germany at a high price. Later, it was learned that Oger also produced such equipment, so it was attracted to Shantou for investigation. Through several on-site observation and tests, it is considered that the og800-ciflex633c wide width satellite type double-sided flexible plate printing machine can achieve a production speed of more than l50m/rain, and can roll in and out without stopping the machine - double-sided corona - double-sided printing (color drying) - post printing drying - cooling traction - full-automatic winding; The whole machine is centrally controlled by PLG, operated by man-machine interface, and the printing main motor/cooling traction motor/winding motor are controlled by frequency conversion automatic speed regulation; The three-stage tension closed loop of the whole machine, winding taper tension control, surface/center winding combination, and moderate tightness. The finished product is beautifully printed, which can significantly improve the packaging quality and appearance of finished cement products. This equipment is fully applicable to the packaging of cement soles since 2012. 3 It cooperates with Jilin plant protection station for supporting production of bag production line. Therefore, og800 ciflex633c wide width satellite type double-sided flexographic printing machine of Ogg company has been fully recognized by Huaxin Cement Group, the largest listed building materials enterprise in China, for its leading technology and excellent performance. According to statistics, up to now, og800-ciflex633c wide width satellite type double-sided flexographic printing machines have been set up in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, Guangdong, Hubei, Chongqing and other provinces and cities. Their product technology and performance not only occupy the domestic leading level, but also can basically replace imported products

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