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At the beginning of the new year, Shantou Beixin Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. had customers negotiate orders. Employees went to work early and put into production, setting off a good momentum of production and sales. As a private high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of woven bag flexographic printing machinery, Beixin company is determined to adhere to scientific and technological innovation in recent years, and cooperates with Taiwan Beixin Xingye Co., Ltd., which has more than 20 years of machinery manufacturing experience. Therefore, it has independently developed and produced satellite flexographic printing machine, web indirect full-automatic flexographic printing machine, woven bag full roll printing and bag cutting machine, woven bag double-sided printing machine The single-sided printing machine for woven bags, single-sided printing machine for ton bags and other equipment not only successfully pioneered the international leading color printing technology for woven bags, which changes the printing length required for the whole roll printing and does not need to replace the drum, but also obtained national registered patents for a number of processes and technologies. At present, the products not only sell well in more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions such as Guangdong, Jiangsu, Hubei, Chongqing, Shandong, Shanxi and Beijing, but also some equipment are exported to more than 10 countries and regions in Southeast Asia. The business efficiency of the enterprise is improving year by year

add accessories according to the introduction of heweihai, general manager of the company, at present, Beixin equipment mainly has the following leading technologies and production performance: ps-d954 satellite flexographic printing machine: primary process because PAN based carbon fiber composite has the characteristics of high strength and light weight, double-sided printing, accurate overprinting, direct color printing of woven bags, and photoelectric detector monitors the bag delivery status, Pneumatically controlled ink roller and stripper roller operate synchronously: change the printing (bag making) length to be set arbitrarily by the touch screen without changing the roller, so as to realize universal size printing and bag making; Pneumatic feeding, non-stop unwinding, rewinding, bag printing/pressing, empty bag/lifting (keep the printing plate and conveyor belt clean), PLC centralized control, touch screen setting, recording and modifying operation indicators, automatic ink circulation system (air pump), single-sided infrared drying, automatic counting, bag stacking and conveying. Ps-b1156 woven bag double-sided 11 plastic recycling granulator reprocesses the waste plastics in daily life into the plastic raw material color printing machine required by the enterprise: the double-sided printing process is completed at one time, PLC is centrally controlled, touch screen setting and overprinting are accurate, woven bags are directly printed in color, photoelectric detector monitors the bag feeding status, pneumatic control ink roller and grain roller ink synchronous operation: automatic counting, 2. After sales service, bag stacking and conveying, Bag printing/pressing, empty bag/lifting. Ps1300-rwco5 web rotary indirect full-automatic flexographic printer: changing the length does not require changing the drum and gear, overprinting is accurate and error free, changing the roll without stopping, magnetic powder brake controls the tension, double-sided printing is completed at one time, EPC automatic edge correction, automatic circulating ink supply, single-sided infrared drying, shutdown automatic clutch, PLC centralized control, touch screen data display, setting, recording, servo motor drive, variable frequency speed regulation, Synchronous cutting, hob cold cutting ps2200-a03t bag single-sided 3-color printer: PLC centralized control, touch screen setting, recording and modifying operation indicators, accurate overprinting, automatic ink circulation system (air pump), photoelectric detector monitoring bag feeding status, pneumatic control ink roller and stripper roller to operate synchronously: printing bag/pressing, empty bag/lifting (keep printing plate and conveyor belt clean), automatic bag folding counting and stacking, single-sided infrared drying

it is precisely because Beixin's woven bag flexographic printing equipment has many technological innovations that the products sell well in the domestic and foreign markets, especially in the chemical, salt, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. The majority of users generally evaluate that the equipment has stable printing quality, clear graphics and texts, lifelike colors, accurate overprint, high degree of automation and comparable prices. According to incomplete statistics, many well-known manufacturers in China, such as Shantou Jinming, Foshan building materials, Jiangmen Xinhui, Jiangsu Hengli, Chongqing bode, Hubei chemical fertilizer, Hubei Anlu salt industry, Shandong Qilu Petrochemical, Shandong Huaxin, Yantai Qingquan, Shanxi Qixian printing, Beijing Yanshan Chemical, Beijing Lande, Beijing Xinlian, have selected Beixin flexographic printing machinery, and Vietnam, Thailand Merchants from Indonesia and other Southeast Asian regions and countries also bought Beixin flexographic printing equipment

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