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Shantou Jinyuan general machinery and equipment factory has overcome the technical difficulties of the whole set of equipment for metallized transfer of gold and silver paperboard. Metallized transfer of gold and silver paperboard is the product of a new process technology in the world - transfer vacuum aluminizing technology. It not only has many functions such as decoration, anti-counterfeiting and environmental protection, but also has low cost, durability and wide application. It is an ideal high-grade packaging material. Compared with traditional aluminum foil or plastic composite materials, it has the following advantages:

① it has strong metallization, oxidation resistance, moisture resistance, weather resistance, good ink friendly performance and no different color. It is suitable for various printing processes and can print various exquisite patterns

② the surface is smooth and bright, no less than the mirror

it has a wide speed regulation range ③ it is non-toxic and odorless, and the product does not contain film layer, which effectively prevents white pollution, meets the national green environmental protection requirements, and can meet the needs of various high-end product packaging

④ the production speed is greatly improved, and the carrier membrane can be transferred repeatedly during the production process, which greatly reduces the cost

⑤ it can be used for packaging cigarettes, wine, food, drugs, gifts, cosmetics, printing various trademarks and New Year cards, as well as decorative materials, laser anti-counterfeiting materials, etc

the production process flow of metallized transfer gold silver card paper is as follows:

coating the release layer and coloring layer → vacuum aluminum plating → composite → stripping transfer → finished product (the carrier film can be reused for 8 to 10 times.)

it can be seen from the above that the main equipment for the production of metallized transfer gold and silver paperboard: one coater, one vacuum aluminizing machine, one wet laminating machine and one stripping transfer machine. Its technological process seems very simple. To produce good transfer paper products, it is impossible for ordinary equipment to do so. The gold and silver card paper produced by ordinary domestic equipment shows many problems, such as dim and uneven surface, fuzzy printing pattern, inconsistent color, and even some give off peculiar smell, color fading and flower dropping. The output is small, the speed is slow, and the reusability of carrier film is low

at present, only Shantou Jinyuan general mechanical equipment factory is a mature manufacturer in China that can provide a complete set of production process for metallized transfer gold and silver cardboard and the initial distance between fixtures corresponding to the marking distance in the design standard is within 80 ~ 115mm. Through several years of research, the factory has successfully solved the problems of roller processing accuracy, tension control accuracy, drying channel length, assembly accuracy, etc., greatly improved the error speed caused by incorrect installation of equipment production experimental machines, avoided the problems shown by the above domestic equipment, and developed a complete set of equipment with imported quality, such as microcomputer automatic coating machine, microcomputer automatic wet laminating machine and microcomputer automatic stripping machine. The microcomputer automatic coating machine uses advanced industrial control system, coating thickness scanning, screen display and other new technologies, among which only energy saving can earn users a coating machine every year. On the basis of the original model, the wet laminating machine adds a wetting system, which ensures the softness of the metal label base paper, improves the flatness of a large area, and has a good ink friendly performance. It is suitable for the production speed of various conventional printing processes of 160m/min, and is suitable for the winding in of large coil diameter. It has successfully solved the problem of the domestic equipment in the production process, The technical problem that the product is scorched or yellowed due to the high temperature in the drying channel in the emergency parking or temporary parking booth. The microcomputer automatic stripping machine adopts multiple motors, microcomputer frequency conversion speed regulation, constant tension unwinding and taper tension rewinding according to the set value, and the whole machine realizes dynamic synchronous automatic control. The production speed is 150m/min. the stripping is clean and complete, successfully solving the technical problems such as unclear separation of domestic equipment, slow speed, easy pulling and scratching of coating, and the complete set of equipment operates well, It is difficult to be completely smooth, which has been highly praised by users. (Geoff)

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