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Jinzhushan Power Generation: deeply tap the potential to promote the improvement of equipment performance

since this year, Datang Huayin Jinzhushan thermal power generation branch has earnestly implemented the requirements of the superior, deeply explored the potential of the equipment, improved the stability of the equipment, basically achieved zero leakage of the valves of unit 1 and unit 2, and achieved remarkable achievements such as reaching the advanced level of similar units of Datang Group Company in vacuum tightness, Ensure that the set goal of "generating 8 billion yuan of electricity and generating zero profit" throughout the year will be achieved

the top-level design idea of real-time tightening is clear

the beam above the office will be relatively thin. Chen Lixin, the general manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of the company, has made arrangements for improving the stability of the equipment and consolidating the safety foundation at the meeting for many times, requiring all departments to formulate solid measures to comprehensively improve the stability of the equipment and reduce the operation intensity of front-line employees on the basis of ensuring safe production. All departments should take active actions, pay close attention to the implementation, and comprehensively improve the mechanism of equipment supervision, inspection, assessment and accountability. The safety supervision department gives full play to the functions of the Department, clarifies ideas, establishes "health records" for important auxiliary equipment, divides them into individuals, adheres to the principle of "one level at a time, one level at a time", and ensures that the equipment management responsibilities of personnel at all posts are implemented in place. At the same time, weekly and monthly equipment defect analysis meetings are regularly held to statistically analyze equipment defects, thoroughly investigate the causes of defects, organize professional technicians to jointly discuss solutions, brainstorm and vigorously promote equipment rectification

"paying close attention to problem rectification, drawing inferences from one instance, forming a closed loop, and promoting safety improvement through rectification is the 'highlight' of safety as a testing instrument this year." Chen Junlong of the safety supervision department told. Since this year, the company has welcomed the spring safety inspection of the group company, the safety inspection of the group company and many safety inspections of the Bank of China. A series of inspections have examined the pulse of the company's safety production and identified potential safety hazards; For each problem and hidden danger, the company formulates a unified task list, which is centralized to specific departments, defines the person and the rectification time limit, and ensures that the problem rectification is in place; In addition, strengthen the revision of the system, form a systematic long-term mechanism, and lay a solid foundation for the long-term stability of enterprise safety production

overhaul technology innovation accurately develops the experimental force of various mechanical properties for all kinds of wood-based panels and veneered wood-based panels

the company firmly grasps the key role of overhaul technology innovation in improving the stability of equipment, anchors the treatment of repeated defects of equipment, makes accurate efforts, and further improves the level of defect management. All departments strictly follow the unified deployment of the company, closely follow the requirements of "comprehensively reducing equipment defects and improving equipment health", solidly carry out the work of "reducing defects", focus on the importance of reducing equipment defects, and put the concept of equipment governance into every work detail of each employee, so as to comprehensively improve the reliability of equipment, ensure the safety and stability of unit operation, and strive to generate electricity. The maintenance department organized professional workers and technical backbones of all disciplines to formulate the action plan of "doing things well at one time", effectively improve work standards and spare no effort to improve maintenance quality. At the same time, we should firmly grasp the positive role of safe and civilized production in improving the stability of equipment, and the middle-level managers should carry out regular inspections every day. For the problems found, they should be publicized to the Department group at the first time, requiring immediate investigation and change; For unit maintenance and major technical transformation projects, strengthen the analysis and planning before maintenance, and implement the whole process control for each stage before, during and after maintenance, so as to ensure the effectiveness of relevant maintenance projects

"now we are closely following the goal of 'generating 8 billion electricity in the whole year and ensuring zero profit' to carry out maintenance work, actively change the work style, implement the principle of doing well at one time into all maintenance work, and eliminate repetitive defects." Said Zhu Yong, a steam turbine specialist in the maintenance department. "In order to improve the stability of the equipment, the steam turbine profession takes advantage of the opportunity of unit maintenance, shutdown and defect elimination, strengthens the quality acceptance of spare parts, and strengthens the on-site quality management. Recently, the effect has gradually appeared, and the hydrogen utilization rate of the unit has been significantly improved"

strong foundation and solid foundation for operation and maintenance

"this year, there has been basically no 'rush repair' event of fuel transportation equipment, and our work is moving forward to planned maintenance." When asked how to improve the stability of the equipment, fan Guirong, a fuel inspection specialist in the maintenance department, seriously said, "in fact, the 'trick' to improve the stability of the equipment is to do solid basic work. In view of the aging problem of some fuel transportation equipment, the fuel inspection profession has implemented the details of refueling, cooling, replacement of parts, and many times resolved the occurrence of hidden problems in advance." In addition, the major also took the initiative to carry out small-scale technological transformation by repairing the old and repairing, changing the original air cooling of the coal crusher bearings to water cooling, so as to further improve the running time and reliability of the equipment

"the Ministry of environmental protection has actively used technical training, skill competition and other means to further improve the monitoring level of operators and ensure that the equipment parameters operate in a precise range, which has played a positive role in improving the reliability of the equipment." Zhang Yixiang, deputy director of the Ministry of environmental protection, told. The power generation Department comprehensively strengthened the shift handover system, increased the placement frequency of patrol cards, and increased the intensity of missed inspection and assessment, further improving the awareness of operation patrol inspectors on equipment maintenance, ensuring that hidden dangers of equipment are found in time and the safety of units is under control

at present, the company is continuing to pay close attention to the treatment of equipment hidden dangers, put an end to the impact of equipment on the unit load rate, and make great efforts in the fourth quarter to contribute to the "two guarantees" of Datang Group and the successful completion of the annual goals and tasks of Bank of China. (wangwenbo)

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