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Jiujiang coordinate measuring machine fills the domestic gap

on August 8, it was learned from the relevant departments of Jiujiang city that zgc-1 intelligent joint coordinate measuring machine jointly researched and developed by the 6354 Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, Hefei University of technology and a Canadian company passed the new product appraisal and scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting hosted by the Provincial Department of science and technology. Experts agreed that the product filled the domestic gap, It has reached the international advanced level

Zgc-1 intelligent joint coordinate measuring machine is a multi-function precision measuring equipment with multiple degrees of freedom, which is based on precision machinery and integrates multiple disciplines such as optics, mechanics, electricity, materials, computer applications and the accuracy of influence value. In the past, due to the advent of commercialized products without independent property rights in China, the domestic market of this product was completely monopolized by foreign countries, and the price was expensive, which directly affected the wide application of this product in the manufacturing industry. The appraisal committee agreed that at present, the developed countries, relying on their top scientific and technological innovation and economic strength, believe that the product design is reasonable, the universal experimental motor tensile machine can stretch, twist, tighten or puncture the plastic spline at a controlled speed, the process is advanced and easy to use, and the submersible experimental machine should be changed once after half a year to one year of application. It has significant economic benefits, has a wide application prospect, and fills the domestic gap

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