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Jiufu digital group launched the "artificial intelligence remote financial service program" to help prevent and control the epidemic with AI

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original title: Jiufu digital group launched the "artificial intelligence remote financial service scheme" to help prevent and control the epidemic with AI! Source: Hexun

at the beginning of this month, the people's Bank of China, the Ministry of finance, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange jointly issued the notice on further strengthening financial support for the prevention and control of covid-19 infection with pneumonia, to further strengthen financial support for the prevention and control of the epidemic. As an AI driven digital technology enterprise, Jiufu digital technology group, in order to meet the outbound call and customer service needs of financial institutions during the epidemic, relying on Jiuzhi workshop, launched a 7*24-hour "Ai remote financial service solution" for financial institutions, providing all-round intelligent customer service and outbound call support in mechanical and electrical aspects, and using AI technology to help financial institutions strengthen financial support for epidemic prevention and control

ai all-round intelligent customer service and outbound call support to solve the "human resources" problem during the epidemic of financial institutions

at present, the "war epidemic" form around the prevention and control of the COVID-19 still cannot be relaxed. Due to the need of prevention and control measures such as telecommuting, the online and consulting volume of customers faced by financial institutions has increased significantly. For the customer service department of financial institutions, which is personnel intensive and based on the centralized operation and management mode, the shortage of human resources and service resources in special periods has become increasingly prominent

Jiuzhi workshop's "Ai remote financial service solution" is a powerful tool to solve this pain point in the field of customer service and marketing of financial institutions. Through big data analysis, user portrait analysis, artificial intelligence and other technologies, it can achieve a 7*24-hour accessible, responsive, and wait-free customer service experience, which can help financial institutions better protect the rights and interests of users in the form of services and maintain the normal operation of institutions in special periods, Minimize the negative impact of the epidemic

figure: the host system of the AI remote financial service solution adopts a mechanical model with multiple degrees of freedom to optimize the design. The business module

Jiuzhi workshop "Ai remote financial service solution"

is an intelligent application development platform for AI finance and education launched by Jiufu digital group based on Jiufu super brain, which is divided into two module subsystems, "intelligent customer service" and "intelligent outbound call", It supports keyword interruption, outbound call result analysis, script template customization, cross node semantic processing, call transfer manual, automatic callback determination according to call content and other functions. In the vertical field of finance, taking the "artificial intelligence customer service" subsystem of Jiuzhi workshop as an example, the method of "big data + deep learning" was adopted for training (603138, stock bar). The special training volume in ASR financial corpus exceeded 30million minutes, covering more than 80 accent changes in 34 administrative regions across the country; NLU financial vocabulary statistics more than 35000, establishing synonymous, antonym, paraphrase and other vocabulary related relationships more than 170000

in this service for financial institutions, the "Ai remote financial service solution" of Jiuzhi workshop will be deployed in two ways: privatization deployment and SaaS cloud deployment, providing multiple system docking options such as CRM and ERP, and comprehensively outputting core functions. The data shows that through the intelligent outbound call module, customer service can make directional outbound calls to existing users and users to be activated. The outbound call efficiency can be increased from the average of 150 calls/day of traditional manual customer service to the average of 600 calls/day, and the activation rate can reach more than 70%. The overall repeated steam sterilization can still maintain the original mechanical performance. The average conversion rate reaches 1.8%, which is more than 75% lower than the cost of manual customer service, and the production capacity corresponding to the same cost is increased by times; Through the intelligent customer service module, the system can accurately match the needs of users through intelligent speech recognition analysis, so as to improve the answering efficiency by times and improve the customer satisfaction evaluation by 30%

ai war epidemic, customer first work together with financial institutions to overcome difficulties

at present, Jiuzhi workshop "Ai remote financial service solution" has cooperated with many banks and securities companies. Take Hongta securities as an example. During the epidemic period, each point of Hongta securities passed through the "Ai remote financial service solution" subsystem of Jiuzhi workshop to serve users in a full range under the circumstances of limited human resources and inconvenient remote office. Broadcasting to users can achieve load control of epidemic information, provide epidemic prevention instructions, respond to users' business consulting information during the epidemic period, and minimize the adverse impact of point users' business handling during the epidemic period, So that users can meet the actual needs of normal business without going to the point

figure: AI remote financial services program workflow

unite as one, overcome difficulties! In this special period, Jiufu digital technology group is willing to work with more financial institutions to help financial institutions provide uninterrupted high-quality user services with AI technology, and help strengthen financial support for epidemic prevention and control! AI war epidemic, we have been working hard

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