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Jiujiang smart home brand investment [Mingyao smart]

Jiujiang smart home brand investment [Mingyao smart]

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which traditional household appliances can become smart

first of all, it should be clear that smart home does not mean that you need to buy appliances at home again. Even in many cases, a 49 yuan smart socket can make your existing appliances smart in seconds. So how to judge whether home appliances can be transformed into smart homes? It's very simple. When the appliance is turned on, unplug and plug it in to see if your appliance can remain turned on after being powered on. If you can, Congratulations, your appliance can be "transformed" through a smart socket. This is because the principle of the smart socket is realized by controlling the power supply of the socket to power on or power off the control appliance. Therefore, this requires your old appliance to have a mechanical switch or power-off memory, that is, the situation I described above

intelligent lighting

a simple way to realize intelligent lighting is to replace the traditional wall switches with intelligent switches, so as to achieve the purpose of jointly controlling the lights in the home

zero line is reserved in the bottom box of the switch

there is only live line in the normal switch panel, and there is no zero line. If an intelligent switch is installed, try to let the electrician wear the zero line. Using intelligent devices, the stability of zero line is higher

choose a non-metallic bottom box

the metal bottom box may shield the signal. Try not to choose a bottom box with a depth of too shallow, but a bottom box with a depth of 6 cm or more

it is recommended to leave a light band slot

after leaving a light band slot, you can install a color matching lamp, which can change colors with music or TV

install induction lamp

after the induction lamp under the bathroom, aisle and cabinet is installed, there is no need to switch it manually. It is more intelligent through automatic induction switch

intelligent curtain

intelligent curtain opens the scene of intelligent home life, and the curtain can open and close automatically according to different situations, such as dawn, darkness, sunny and rainy

if you want to feel the magic of smart curtains, you can add a five hole socket at the head of the curtain guide rail during decoration, which can be installed on one side; There is a curtain box (ceiling). Pay attention to the minimum width of single curtain curtain box of 10cm, and the minimum width of double curtain box of 15cm. The top of the curtain box is reinforced with double-layer large gold plate to prevent noise

in addition, if you want to install smart windows, you can automatically switch the windows according to the indoor and outdoor air quality. You can leave power on the windows first

intelligent security

in addition to installing safety sensors and alarms at the entrance and in the kitchen and bathroom, small video monitoring equipment can also be installed indoors, which can be installed in the children's room and directly opposite the door. Leave a power supply where you need it, and try not to backlight


according to different installation methods, dishwashers are divided into desktop, embedded and sink integrated types. Desktop and embedded are used more in families. If you plan to install the dishwasher before decoration, you'd better choose the embedded one, and design the cabinet according to the size of the dishwasher. If you find that you really need the dishwasher after decoration, and the fixture of the electronic universal experimental machine is also a very important part, then you can only choose the desktop; Whether desktop or embedded, water inlet, water outlet and power socket should be reserved for dishwasher during renovation of water and electricity

Guangdong Mingyao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional provider of smart home solutions. Adhering to the concept of light smart home, the company independently researched and developed intelligent hardware platforms, cloud computing platforms and intelligent terminal app applications, providing home appliance manufacturers with mature and stable overall solutions for smart home, easily realizing product intelligence and embracing the era of IOT. The company's brands cover four product lines: intelligent switch, intelligent lighting, security monitoring and intelligent control, aiming to provide users with a full set of light smart home products, so that users can enjoy the convenience and fun brought by the era of IOT

Mingyao smart home system is a fully digital wireless smart home platform based on ZigBee protocol and cloud server. On this platform, a wealth of residential environment control and security equipment are integrated. All equipment information exchange, function coordination and unification, and organic integration, so as to realize automatic environmental regulation, local centralized control, network remote monitoring, and easily build a future smart house and smart community. Based on technology research and development, the company carefully carves out product details, paying special attention to its speed. It needs to input data on the microcomputer software for control, emphasizing user experience, and considering more humanized needs from the detail design, so as to improve the quality and grade of products about caring experimental power

Mingyao smart home system is a highly integrated system in function, which basically covers all the functions of the smart home system. On the same platform with family customs as the core, it integrates many functions, such as intelligent lighting system, intelligent curtain system, intelligent infrared system, intelligent electrical system, intelligent security system, intelligent environment system, intelligent scene system, intelligent voice system, etc, Let users fully feel the comfort, security and informatization on a smart home system platform

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