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Jirui United truck Zhang Zhiguo: LNG heavy truck is an inevitable trend

Jirui United truck Zhang Zhiguo: LNG heavy truck is an inevitable trend

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Guide: when we launched LNG products in 2011, the sales volume of LNG heavy truck in the industry was only 2000~3000 in that year, and increased to more than 10000 in 2012. So far this year, there have been more than 20000 vehicles, which is expected to exceed 30000-40000 by the end of the year. If it continues to develop like this, it will surely reach 80000~10000 next year

"when we launched LNG products in 2011, the sales volume of LNG heavy trucks in the industry was only 2000~3000 in that year, and increased to more than 10000 in 2012. So far this year, it has exceeded 20000, and it is expected to exceed 30000~40000 by the end of the year. If this development continues, the share of 80000~100000 will grow rapidly next year." Zhangzhiguo, deputy general manager of Jirui United truck Marketing Service Co., Ltd., said that the LNG heavy truck market segment is one of the unswerving strategies of United truck

with the rapid development of LNG vehicles in China in recent years, coupled with the great cause of energy conservation and environmental protection, including the current urgent governance, it can be maintained even in a humid and despicable environment; PM2.5, as well as the determination of the state to govern the environment, all indicate the vigorous development of LNG industry, and United truck will not miss this historical opportunity

"at present, we have ranked first in the market in the field of LNG mixer trucks. The LNG mixer truck products in Shijiazhuang are joint, and our local delivery volume is no less than 300. For example, the carbon fiber composite material market for aircraft in Dongying in 2014 was 454.9 billion yen (about 23.7 billion yuan), and there are also many of our products in Chengdu, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other regions." Zhang Zhiguo said, "our new LNG bulk cement truck in the second half of the year has also been launched and sold. Together with LNG dangerous chemical tanker, it will support our sales next year."

the LNG dangerous chemicals tanker mentioned by Zhang Zhiguo is also a product built around the LNG market segment. "For example, in Inner Mongolia, there are about sevenoreight hundred vehicles transporting oil between Inner Mongolia and Mongolia every year. The temperature in that region in winter is very low, and it usually requires negative No. 40 diesel. This kind of diesel is not easy to meet, while the lower the temperature, the better the performance of LNG." For example, LNG tanker has a good market prospect in such a region

the financing scheme of the energy and chemical sector that United truck is building is also an important advantage of its LNG Development Strategy, which is its characteristic different from other manufacturers. "Other manufacturers may only provide financing solutions for vehicle chassis. For skid mounted stations and even liquefied gas tankers, users have to go to others. And we can take advantage of CIMC's resource advantages to package chassis, tank cars, skid mounted stations, etc. and provide users with an overall financing solution. Users only need to go through one party to get everything done." Zhang Zhiguo explained that at present, only CIMC's energy and chemical sector can achieve this financing plan, "this is what we will strive to build next year"

jinhuibo et al. Used PMMA materials. According to the patient's medical history and specific eye conditions, 1078 patients were customized and equipped with artificial eyes in a 10-year period, and their cosmetic effects were summarized and analyzed. The results showed that all patients without and with eyeballs removed could successfully apply this kind of ultra-thin and thick artificial eyes, and there was no case of crowding out reaction. The rising gas price caused the industry's concern about the development of LNG vehicles. Zhang Zhiguo believed that this was only temporary, It will not affect the pace of customers' demand for LNG heavy trucks. "We can see that some time ago, with the visits of national leaders, many new achievements of energy cooperation have been signed, and the gas price abroad is much lower than that at home. At present, whether for strategic considerations or environmental protection and other considerations, diesel oil is scarce than LNG in the pilot construction of smart chemical parks nationwide, and there is also the problem of environmental pollution." Zhang Zhiguo analyzed: "from all these points of view, the development of LNG is an inevitable trend, and the price rise is only the strategy of some monopolists in the whole general trend process."

therefore, Zhang Zhiguo believes that there are still deficiencies in the construction of gas stations and other supporting facilities in China. With the continuous improvement of these supporting facilities and the national subsidy policy for LNG, the development of LNG heavy trucks is also an inevitable trend in the long run

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