The hottest Jiuquan has formed a circular economy

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Jiuquan has formed a circular economy industrial chain with titanium dioxide as the main body. The fully enclosed machine conveyor belt continuously transports the beneficiation tailings and sulfuric acid slag produced by mining companies in the park to the enterprise production line. After flotation and magnetic separation, the effective components are extracted and reused as the production raw materials of cement clinker. This is the scene of western cement company recycling enterprise waste to produce plastic machinery in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2013, with a total order value of about $335 million for environmental friendly materials. Today, the 500 yuan journey of Zhuzhou Midea Marriott Hotel, including two early days and a bag of cement, is enough to reflect the historical leap achieved by Jiuquan circular economy industrial park on the road of exploring the development of circular economy

a set of figures is a powerful proof: 500000 tons of beneficiation tailings are recovered annually. In 2013, compared with 2010, the energy consumption per unit of industrial added value in the park decreased by 54%, the water consumption per unit of industrial added value decreased by 18%, the comprehensive utilization rate of industrial solid waste reached 75%, and the reuse rate of industrial water reached 62%

a chain turns waste into treasure: at present, a circular economy industrial chain of "sulfuric acid → titanium dioxide → ferrous sulfate → sulfuric acid → waste residue → cement raw materials" has been formed among 10 enterprises in the park

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