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Jiulongpo: the digital center makes the "problem street lights" no longer have problems

Hualong - New Chongqing client at 6:30 on July 11 (correspondent heyutong) whenever the lights in Chongqing are on, people who have had dinner always want to go out for a walk, look at the bright neon lights on the street, and blow the cool and refreshing breeze at night. The street lights on both sides of the road not only dotted the night sky of the whole city, but also became the patron saint of late returnees, illuminating their way home

on July 10, the author learned that Mr. Zhang, who lives near Vientiane Avenue in Jiulongpo District, Chongqing, encountered difficulties. He often returned late because of work. Vientiane Avenue is the only way for him to go home every day, but the street lights on this road have been on strike for some time. How to ensure travel safety at night without street lights? Mr. Zhang is inevitably worried about this. Helpless, Mr. Zhang can only pour bitter water on his colleagues every day to drive the development of the upstream graphite industry. But one day, a colleague woke him up with an unintentional sentence, "you go and complain about it. Last time, the septic tank in Vientiane city was blocked, I called 12319, and someone was sent to deal with it soon!" Can a problem that has been bothered for so long be solved in three versions? Mr. Zhang felt incredible, but desperate, he called 12319 to complain about urban management with a try mentality

the staff are repairing the faulty street lamp. Photographed by correspondent heyutong

after receiving the case, the attendant of Jiulongpo District digital center immediately took the initiative to contact Mr. Zhang, patiently listened to the appeal, and immediately notified the relevant functional departments to go to the scene for verification. The functional department quickly replied that the street lamps near Vientiane Avenue had only recently been officially handed over to the Department for management, so the new lamps were under emergency procurement. Once the procurement was completed, the faulty street lamps would be repaired and replaced immediately. At the same time, it also explained in detail that the street lamps of Vientiane Road 1, road 2 and Huangyang road did not light up because the line was overloaded and tripped, The functional department also modified the line in the shortest time. At present, 12 faulty street lights in all sections near Vientiane avenue have been restored

after the street lights are restored, the center is to verify the instructions in the remarks column. The attendant immediately informed Mr. Zhang of the good news, expressed great satisfaction with our rapid response and timely disposal of Mr. Zhang, and told us that we will vigorously publicize our complaints, let more colleagues and friends know, and have a complaint channel that can quickly solve the problems around them

according to statistics, in the past six months, the district Digital Center has received a total of 82 complaints about street lamp failures, all of which have effectively established a new image of the green, low-carbon and efficient industry in the shortest time, and also received the praise of a large number of citizens

next, the Urban Management Bureau of Jiulongpo District will further carry out the special rectification action of "problematic street lights", carry out "pull" inspection of all street lights on the main and secondary trunk roads in Dongcheng District, find out the bottom line, identify the problems, firmly establish the awareness of "safety first", eliminate all hidden dangers in time, and ensure the safety of citizens and vehicles

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