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A plastic products factory in Jinzhou caught fire, and black smoke blotted out the sun.

at about 6:30 yesterday morning, a plastic products factory near building 89, Liansheng street, Jinzhou new area caught fire. Immediately, the whole plant was surrounded by thick smoke, and nearby residents immediately called 119 to call the police. After arriving at the scene, the fire brigade of Jinzhou new area put out the fire after more than an hour of fighting. It is understood that the raw materials, machinery and six simple houses of the plastic factory were burned down. The performance requirements of electrical connectors are constantly improving. Fortunately, the fire did not cause casualties

the thick smoke in the plastic factory covered the sky and the sun

when I arrived at the scene at 7:30, although the open fire was not very big, the black smoke still covered the sky and the sun, and I could smell a pungent burning smell from a long distance. Notice that a strand of cable was burnt out and hung on the ground, which is very dangerous. Detour into the factory, only to see two rows of simple houses surrounded by fire, firefighters are struggling to put out the fire. Through the black smoke, I saw that the simple house was in a mess, and many raw materials had been reduced to ashes. After more than an hour of full fighting, a large number of fires, total energy, tortuous modulus, breakpoint displacement x% load, breakpoint load x% displacement, etc. were basically extinguished. Six of the nine simple houses were destroyed by the fire, and only three on the north side can still be used

an employee in the plastic factory told that there were compressors and bag making machines in the simple room, but the widely used environmental experimental facilities were 78 high-temperature, low-temperature, damp heat experimental boxes, printing machines and other machines, as well as a large number of plastic raw materials. The fire almost destroyed all these things. "A ton of raw materials costs more than 10000 yuan, which is a heavy loss." The employee estimated that the loss of simple houses, various machinery and raw materials was hundreds of thousands of yuan. As for the loss in the cement room, it is not clear at present. It is said that the electric fire may be caused by aging wires

it was learned in the interview that fortunately, no casualties were caused because the employees were not working when the fire broke out. At present, the cause of the fire is under further investigation

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