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Jiujiang requires packaging enterprises to strictly implement national standards to improve quality recently, Jiujiang Municipal Bureau and the industrial and Information Technology Commission jointly launched a series of activities to improve the packaging of industrial products in the city, requiring the city's sales and packaging enterprises that produce food, non-staple food, drugs, daily necessities, tourism products and other products to strictly implement the national standard of GB "1 general cylinder length is 18:1 of its diameter, limiting the excessive packaging of goods requires food and cosmetics", Improve the quality of packaged products and product packaging. The main activities are to carry out six activities 742 (1), namely: carry out a packaging improvement publicity month, organize a product packaging survey and product packaging solicitation, hold a packaging improvement workshop, and hold a product packaging design σ B (PA) said that works competition and exhibition exchange activities, organize an inspection of the implementation of national packaging standards, and carry out a key service improvement work of product sales and packaging. Through a series of activities, we help enterprises establish a correct packaging concept that can effectively meet the needs of the market in the field of composite materials, vigorously advocate the use of packaging products and packaging methods that are in line with energy conservation, environmental protection and low-carbon economy, advocate appropriate packaging, and oppose excessive packaging

in recent years, the Bureau has strengthened the inspection of excessive packaging of alcoholic beverages (including Baijiu, red wine, yellow rice wine, etc.), tea, cosmetics, health food, and processed agricultural and sideline products, carried out law enforcement inspections on important indicators such as the number of packaging layers, packaging void ratio, and the ratio of packaging cost to total cost, and seriously investigated and dealt with acts that do not conform to relevant national standards and laws and regulations, such as excessive packaging, fraudulent use of packaging, etc. Safeguard the interests of consumers and strengthen environmental and resource protection

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