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Jiuding new material is involved in the anti-dumping of European Union glass fiber

Jiuding new material recently learned that the European Commission has made a preliminary anti-dumping ruling on the glass fiber originating in China, which also helps to generate a tool system grid with higher thermal conductivity. A temporary anti-dumping duty of 48.4% to 62.9% has been imposed on the glass fiber grid originating in China, of which 14 enterprises, including companies, that have not been sampled, apply a temporary anti-dumping duty of 57.7%, The tax is borne by the local importer

The freight rates of various routes of Capesize ships increased or decreased by no more than 1

the sales amount of glass fiber Plaid exported by Jiuding new material to the EU in 2010 was about 7.1563 million yuan, accounting for about 1.33% of the company's annual operating revenue in 2010. In addition, because the European Commission failed to reach a clear conclusion on the basic characteristics of glass fiber sheets at the information collection and processing stage, it decided to temporarily include them in the scope of products involved, and make a decision after further information collection and investigation with relevant parties. In 2010, Jiuding new material exported glass fiber sheets to the European Union, which are widely used in the fields of automobiles, electronics and electrical appliances, machinery and chemical industry, with a sales amount of about 35.4212 million yuan, accounting for about 6.58% of the company's annual operating revenue in 2010. The anti-dumping tariff rate of the European Commission is the preliminary result. According to the EU anti-dumping investigation procedure, it is expected that the European Commission will release the final ruling result within 6 months. The history of Jinan testing machine factory producing testing machines

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