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Jiujiang Petrochemical medical PP special material was put on the market

the trial production of medical PP special material recently researched and developed by Jiujiang Petrochemical General Plant was successful, and passed the biochemical performance test of Jiangxi Provincial Institute of drug control, and all technical indicators met the relevant national regulations. The first batch of 100000 tons of medical transparent polypropylene special materials produced by the factory were put on the market on October 20. The special material has excellent transparency and gloss, high thermal deformation temperature, easy molding and processing, good physical and mechanical properties, and broad application prospects. It has become a new selling point in the domestic polypropylene resin market. At the same time, the successful development of the special material not only adds new varieties to the plant and improves the added value of polypropylene products, but also the advantage of such a small panel control system is that the equipment for controlling the experimental machine is constantly favored by users, which has played a positive role in expanding the market and increasing benefits for the plant

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